DotA 6.75 Map Changelogs (Patch Notes)

September 30, 2012 2 comments
DotA 6.75 Change Log


The DotA 6.75 Changelogs are officially out. The new map brings a lot changes, 2 new heroes, gameplay, items changes and hero remakes. Also, there’s a good amount of balancing (nerfs) done. Make sure you read the full changelog, so you get familiar with the new stuff.
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Tweet Zet, Arc Warden – DotA Hero Guide

September 30, 2012 2 comments
Zet Arc Warden Guide


Zet, the Arc Warden Guide & Strategy. Arc Warden is a Scourge (Dire) ranged agility hero which is based on the old model of Shadow Demon. It was introduced in DotA 6.75 along with Winter Wyvern. Zet is a carry hero with high DPS skills, he can create his own replica with abilities (like Geomancer).
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Auroth, the Winter Wyvern – DotA Hero Guide

September 30, 2012 4 comments



Auroth, The Winter Wyvern Guide/Strategy. Winter Wvyern is Scourge (Dire) intelligence hero inspired from Frost Wyrm model of Warcraft 3 campaign. He was added in DotA 6.75 map patch. Auroth has a unique skillset with great disabling/nuking abilities good for team support.

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DotA 6.75 Loading Screen Surfaced

September 30, 2012 1 comment
Dota 6.75 Loading screen



IceFrog gave us another update regarding the upcoming map. The DotA 6.75 will be shipped with a new Loading Screen. It’s based on a DotA fan-art by Suke which shows an epic battle between Scourge (Dire) and Sentinel (Radiant). The heroes look mighty and more evil as compared to previous loadscreen.

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Dota 2 Patch Notes (13 September, 2012)

September 17, 2012 1 comment

Dota 2 patch notes

After the delay of 6 weeks due to the The International 2012, Valve finally rolled out a new patch update for Dota 2 It brings ‘significant performance improvements’, UI/Visual enhancements and usual bug fixes. Sadly, there are no new heroes shipped with this update. Check the patch logs for more details.
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AucT Hotkeys Tool Download

September 17, 2012 Leave a comment
AucT Hotkeys Tool
AucT Hotkeys Tool is yet another hotkey remapping program for Warcraft 3 Dota. It is bundled with a lot of advanced features that you will not find in other programs. It comes with built-in Autocast, Invoker, Scoreboard, Skill hotkeys (without editing CustomKeys.txt) and dozens of in-game configurations for easy management.
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Chuan: “Because we love Dota.”

September 3, 2012 Leave a comment

Tjernobyl manages to grab a quick interview with Chuan, right after iG grabbed a victory over Na’Vi and won themselves one million dollars. Listen up for his feelings, thoughts on the future of the Chinese scene and his plans for the money!

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