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DotA 6.76c Map Download and Changelogs

DotA 6.76c Map is now officially released by IceFrog. This is the 3rd and probably the last map of v6.76 series based on bug fixing and a bit of balancing. It fixes an exploit with Bane Elemental’s Enfeeble which caused enemy to permanently stuck on a location. Also, it brings some tweaks to Centaur Warchief’s ultimate and Drow Ranger. You can download v6.76c now!


Dota 6.76c

 Official DotA 6.76c Map Download:

DotA 6.76c Map (7.81 MB)
* Download the .w3x map file and place it inside “Warcraft III\Maps\Download” directory. You must have v1.24e or above to play.

DotA 6.76c Changelogs (Patch Notes):

* Stampede cooldown increased from 65 to 120/90/60
* Stampede duration rescaled from 3/4/5 to 3.75
* Stampede damage slightly reworked from 100/150/200 + 2x str to 0 + 1/2/3x str (no base damage)
* Stampede mancost increased from 50 to 80
* Stampede AoE reduced from 120 to 105
* Drow’s base armor decreased by 2
* Marksmanship focus AoE increased from 375 to 400
* Last Word manacost from 100 to 115
* Living Armor cooldown and duration decreased from from 20 to 15
* Living Armor manacost decreased 30/35/40/45 to 25
* Fixed an exploit with Enfeeble allowing it to be perma stuck on the enemy in some situations
* Fixed some lag when Centaur initially casts Stampede
* Centaur restricted from Captain’s Mode
* Fixed a couple of bugs with -TagTeam mode
* Fixed Force Staff shop hotkey
* Fixed various tooltips

DotA 6.76c is a fix patch at the moment. We hope that it will be the last map of  6.76 era, so IceFrog can concentrate on developing DotA 6.77 map. Keep visiting DotA LighT for updates!.

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