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DotA 6.75 | Official DotA v6.75 Map Download & Changelogs

DotA 6.75

At last, the wait is over, IceFrog has finally unleashed the big DotA 6.75 map which we have all been waiting for.  The DotA 6.75 map comes with 2 new heroes Zet, the Arc Warden (agi) and Auroth, the Winter Wyvern (int),  Shadow Amulet (item), revamped heroes and a great number of visual/gameplay improvements. Also, the XP system is improved along with Captains Mode. You can get the new map now!

DotA 6.75 Map Download:

Warcraft 3 TFT Map FileDotA v6.75.w3x (mirror 1)

• Download the Warcraft III Frozen Throne map file (w3x) and put it in “\Warcraft 3\Maps\Downloads\” directory. You must have TFT 1.24e patch or newer to play.

DotA 6.75 Map Changelogs:

Read DotA v6.75 Full Changelogs. They are posted separately due to their huge length.

Special thanks to IceFrog for 6.75. He has indeed fulfilled his promise and released the patch on time.  We hope this map remains free from all the bugs so there won’t be any need for 6.75b/c/d versions. Regarding the DotA 6.75 AI; it will take couple of weeks to release as developer needs to grasp on the new map’s code.

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