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DotA 6.75 Loading Screen Surfaced

Dota 6.75 Loading screen



IceFrog gave us another update regarding the upcoming map. The DotA 6.75 will be shipped with a new Loading Screen. It’s based on a DotA fan-art by Suke which shows an epic battle between Scourge (Dire) and Sentinel (Radiant). The heroes look mighty and more evil as compared to previous loadscreen.

Dota 6.75 Map released:
Dota 6.75 Map.w3x (Mirror 1)


dota 6.75 wallpaper
DotA 6.75 Loading Screen (click to view full-size)


Moreover, the loading screen states that, “This update includes a lot of new hero, item and gameplay improvements, as well as new content. Looks like DotA 6.75 will be packed with more than one new heroes and items. The new map is scheduled to be released within this week so keep checking for updates here!

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