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DOTA 2 Creep Last Hitting (Farming) Guide

DOTA 2 is the strategy based game and farming is the essential part of it. DOTA 2 is currently one of the most popular strategy based game in which the items requires a proper amount of gold. The Gold in DOTA2 can be earned through farming and there are others ways but the primary tool to earn gold is through killing creeps. Most of the players felt difficulty while farming in lanes and in-front of enemy heroes. So below we are providing a guide which will definitely help you in last hitting…

I have been playing DOTA for a long time but the points which are mentioned by this video maker are really good and informative. He also tried to highlight the significance of creeping from both Carry hero and Support heroes. This video is currently is the most logical and to the point which i found on internet but you will easily understand it by its first look. Rest you can see by yourself

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