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Nevermore vs Mirana – Warcraft 3 TFT Map


Nevermore vs Mirana is a a fun based Warcraft 3 custom map inspired from DotA. As title suggests, this map creates a battlefield between two DotA’s all time favourite heroes. One team has control over Shadowfiend whereas the other control PotM. This map is entirely skill based, only the experienced players will survive!

Map Download:

Nevermore vs Mirana 7.6a.w3x (mirror 1)
• Download the map file (.w3x) and place it in ‘Warcraft 3\Maps\Download’ folder.


Mirana vs shadowfiendmirana vs sfShadowfiend vs PotMShadowfiend potm

There are total 5 shops in this map which makes this it even more interesting. From there, you can purchase variety of other heroes spells, strength/agility upgrades (tomes) and other basic items. To get the fun started gather few players (preferably 3v3) and select the number of kills to win.

There are couple of commands you might want to know:

-ma (match up your hero with opponents)

-ms (for move speed)
-clear (clear the game log)
-damages (shows the damage count)
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