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DOTA 2 Free to Play Confirmed – In-Game Store Launched!



As expected, Valve has confirmed that their action RTS title, DOTA 2 to be a Free to Play game. This news has overwhelmed the players and caused unrest between the competitors. Along with this announcement, Valve has also launched DOTA 2 in-game store (with micro-transactions of course) allowing players to purchase items to customize heroes, items etc.

All the Dota 2 items are strictly limited to cosmetic purpose only,they will not affect the gameplay in any way, unlike other MOBA genre games. There is no hero restriction, players are free to access any hero, you don’t have to pay to unlock them. The Battle points system has been introduced. Each time you play and finish a matchmaking game, your Battle level/points increases and you’re rewarded with free Dota 2 items.

Moreover, The Dota 2 Workshop has come in place. It lets the community members to contribute in Dota 2 by submitting new items (for e.g. cloaks, claws, swords, hats etc). Once your submission gets approved you’ll earn a percentage of it’s sales through your Steam wallet.



Question: How can I play DOTA 2?

Answer: The game is currently invitational only, However, You can apply for free Dota 2 Beta invite by taking the Steam survey. Optionally, you can buy 39.99$ Early Access Bundle on Steam store which grants you a Dota 2 invite with numerous rare items.

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