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DotA 6.73c AI Map Download (News & Updates)

DotA 6.73c AI Map (News). It’s been a while since we received last DotA 6.73c patch from IceFrog. Now it’s probably time for a new AI map. The AI map developer PleaseBugMeNot has already posted status updates assuring that DotA 6.73c AI development is in progress and is going nicely. You might wanna check it out:



Here’s a quote from AI Dev Team member, Green Sliche:

6.73c content is ported completely, we even made new loading screen and of course map already has new codename. What it is? It’s a secret, but it fits new map perfectly.

Right now we test new item build system which supposed to be broken itembuild, free and simpler than old one. As you can guess new item builds are coming, as well as new items for AI and even more.

Overall we plan to add and tweak many things (such as dodge mechanics and gank system ) so this version will take a while, but I’m sure this one will be even more special than all previous AI maps combined.

As you can see, the new AI is coming with improved item-builds and mechanics, the bots will be more challenging and harder than the previous version. Let’s hope PBMN and his team implements the changes soon so the map releases. We’ll publish more updates regarding DotA 6.73c AI plus on this page. Stay tuned!

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