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DOTA 2 Update (3rd February 2012)


DOTA 2 3rd February 2012 update is here with the title with “We got nothing (today)” which refers towards the patch hasn’t been released due to some issues. Those who were eagerly waiting for the 3rd February patch would have to wait for some more time because today’s patch will release within few days. The glimpse of the upcoming DOTA 2 patch is the “Dota 2 Test” in which Valve is going to launch a beta testing sort of thing. The details of the upcoming patch is mentioned below…

DOTA 2 Update on “Dota 2 Test” (3rd February 2012) :

We are working on a new update process that will allow us to build new features while minimizing the risk of destabilizing the game for everyone. To achieve this we are creating a new version of the game specifically for testing purposes. Everyone that has access to Dota 2 will find the new test version in their Steam games library, under the name “Dota 2 Test”. Instead of releasing the new content directly to Dota 2 each week, we will put it on this Test version first, where we’ll be monitoring it for any glaring issues. The week afterwards, we will update Dota 2 with the previous week’s Test version (while also releasing more new content in the Test).
As a result of this, both versions of the game will be getting updated each week. If you want to help test the new content, or just try it out ahead of time, you can play on “Dota 2 Test”. If you are more interested in stability and don’t mind being a week behind on new content and features, then you can keep playing Dota 2 as normal.
Unfortunately, the switch from previous update process to this one has been a little tricky, as we get the back end set up for Test, so there’ll be no update today. We still hope to have an update ready in the next few days.

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