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DD: “Whenever we play DK, everyone on the team performs really well.”

In an interview prior to their subsequent victory over iG, LGD support player DD talks about the recent happenings within the team as well as their hopes for G-League Season 3. LGD will meet DK in the Grand Finals of G-League live this Sunday, 8th of January. Winner takes home 200,000 RMB ($31,500).

Prior to joining LGD, you’ve been playing the role of a semi-carry, but now you play the role of a support. Was this a team decision?
-“We have a good thing going on between ddc and I. Furthermore, I am not really bothered about what role I play; I’ll just take whatever is needed of me.”

After a slump, LGD have bounced back to take two consecutive championships. As a favorites to win your third (G-League), what changes have you made that were vital to your current success?
-“The main problem in the past was the lack of communication and practice, which also meant that our trainings were not really effective. After a series of losses, we finally found out what was wrong all along, so we had a couple of discussions and eventually bounced back strong.”

I don’t think your team has had the opportunity to train much lately. Are you bothered by this, and how has LGD been able to keep its form these few weeks?
-“Before we attended G-League, we’ve been practicing a ton, and we would also make sure to train at internet cafes near our hotel whenever we can during or after competition. I guess part of the key to maintaining our form was to keep our streak going for as long as we could..”

What is the secret behind your high win rate against DK?
-“I’m not sure myself, actually… Whenever we play DK, everyone on the team performs really well.”

You will soon face iG in the semifinals of G-League. Any predictions?
-“I can’t make one… The future is still bleak and blurry!” (LGD later won 3-1.)

Final shoutouts?
-“Thanks to all our fans for their support. I guess what I can do would be to play my best. At the same time, I would like to thank our sponsors for their continued support.”

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