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Chuan: ‘Of course I’m confident of winning – otherwise why bother playing?’

SanSheng and Chuan at G-League.

In anticipation of WGT 2012, iG’s Chuan accepts a short interview summarizing his thoughts for last year and his hopes for this.

Introduce yourself to everyone.
-“Hi everybody, I’m Chuan from iG.”

I understand your team just managed to settle down to its final five one or two months ago. How is the chemistry going? Did your team manage to get enough training time?
-“After the merger, there were wave after wave of competitions, so we didn’t have much time at all to practice. We had to treat the competitions as practice instead.”

Are you satisfied with what you accomplished last year? What are your expectations of yourself this year?
-“I would say it’s okay… As for this year – well, we’ll talk about it after the [Chinese] New Year!”

Yes, the Chinese New Year is just around the corner. What are your plans?
-“I’ll return to my hometown [Malaysia] for the first day and reunite with my family.”

WGT 2012 will witness the participation of DK, LGD and PanDa. How do you see these three teams?
-“They are all formidable opponents, and the skill gap between them and us is not too big at all. I’ll have to leave it to how we perform on the day itself.”

Are you confident of winning WGT 2012?
-“Of course I’m confident of winning – otherwise why bother playing?”

The practice of trashtalking in the Chinese scene has taken on a whole new level lately. How do you see this? Does your team allocate members to do the dirty business at competitions?
-“We’ll do unto others what others do unto us.”

Any last words for your supporters?
-“Thank you for your continued support, even though our performance this year was unsatisfactory. We’ll work harder next year, so I hope you’ll continue to support us again! *smiles*”

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