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Version update: 6.73 includes new heroes and IceFrog revitalizing Axe

Let the Christmas Day gaming begin and continue! DotA developer Icefrog and his team have released a new map version going into this festive season after a long hiatus. The new map includes four new heroes: Skywrath Mage, Ember Spirit, Goblin Shredder, and Legion Commander featuring interesting abilities such as “Duel”; exactly what it sounds like!

As well as the new heroes, we see the usual tweaks and fine-tunings of already exist heroes. What should be specially noted are the huge array of buffs to Axe, which should see him potentially make appearances in the DotA meta-game now. We also see various tweaks to popular heroes like Anti-Mage to hopefully make them less overpowered. Be sure to check out the full array of changes in the change log

Also of special note are the various new items and alterations to previous items. The courier now gives 150 gold on death to all enemy heroes but doesn’t drop items, but takes 3 minutes to respawn. It looks like we won’t be seeing a repeat of ZSMJ’s PL performance at SMM where he had to re-farm his Sacred Relic after Beastmaster found the Flying Courier with his first one on it. Elsewhere, we see IceFrog add healing boots and the new “Abyssal Blade”, combining Sacred Relic and Cranium Basher.

Visual changes have also been made to include a new loading screen as well as a more “Christmas-themed” map, such as a Pudge santa costume!


UPDATE 6.73b is out already. It contains a handful of bug fixes; the only significant gameplay change of note is that couriers are now invulnerable near their own fountains.

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    I don’t ordinarily comment but I gotta tell appreciate it for the post on this great one :D.

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