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DotA 6.73 | Official DotA v6.73 Map Download & Changelogs

DotA 6.73

After waiting for almost half year, the DotA 6.73 map is finally, officially released by the developer IceFrog. The v6.73 comes with exciting 5 new items, exciting 4 new heroes, Dragonus – Skywrath Mage, Xin – Ember Spirit, Rizzrak- Goblin Shredder and Tresdin – Legion Commander. There are a lot of bug fixes, a new loading screen and hero reworks done in this massive patch. It is recommended that you must read read full changelogs before playing.

Official DotA 6.73 Map Download:

DotA v6.73.w3x (mirror 1)

– Download the map from the link above and put it into ‘Warcraft III\Maps\Download” sub-folder.

Read DotA 6.73 Map Changelogs:

– Since the changelogs are huge they are kept in a different page

View DotA 6.73 Changelog.

Special Thanks to IceFrog for still updating DotA even after Dota2. We hope there are no game breaking bugs/exploit appears in this version, so you could enjoy your holidays without waiting for Dota 6.73b.

Share your views about the changes in Dota 6.73, drop your comments!

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