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Orange wins Dota 2 Malaysia invitational to claim $5,000 USD

Home team Orange Esports edged out a 3-2 victory over Thailand’s MiTH.Trust to win the Dota 2 Malaysia Invitational trophy and the $5,000 USD.

Game 1
MiTH Orange
morphling shadow shaman
puck viper
crystal maiden windrunner
lich tidehunter
batrider natures prophet
Game 2
MiTH Orange
earthshaker clockwerk
drow ranger batrider
night stalker morphling
Omniknight windrunner
lich crystal maiden
Game 3
MiTH Orange
anti mage venomancer
vengeful spirit earthshaker
natures prophet batrider
beastmaster slardar
windrunner chen
Game 4
MiTH Orange
crystal maiden weaver
windrunner broodmother
ancient aparition night stalker
earthshaker lion
spectre lich

Orange went through the brackets undefeated, and was faced against MiTH.Trust in the grand final. Their winner bracket heritage meant 1-0 but a Tri-headed MiTH.Trust made sure the victory chant would have to wait til the very last game possible.

Game one saw Orange Esports come back after a big early-game lead from the Batrider-roaming team. Taking down towers and pushing the lanes, Mushi acquired an early Black King Bar to dodge death at numerous occasions.

The game ended with a tonne of server issues which forced the players to continue playing with a spiky and laggy feel. But with stronger heroes Orange could take the game to reach 2-0.

With the knife against the throat, Trust came back to take game two much thanks to Nightstalker and Earthshaker’s roaming during night time.

Game three was also a winning story for the Thai team with an overfarmed Antimage at the end-game that made wonders for the gank and push heavy hero lineup of Orange.

The deciding game, Orange went for Weaver, Broodmother, Nightstalker, Lion and Lich shaped so that the Broodmother could level up and gain gold insanely fast going up against MiTH’s Windrunner in the bottom lane.

Final standings
1. Malaysia Orange $5,000 USD
2. Thailand MiTH.Trust $3,000 USD
3. Philippines Mineski $2,000 USD

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