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LGD finish off EG in SMM group H

The first match on the main stage eventually went live, and LGD emerged victorious against EG after an extremely fast paced game.

The Chinese seemed eager to catch up to the other teams after having waited for a good eight hours due to technical issues. EG on the other hand tried to stay focused while playing, trying only to initial fights guaranteed to be successful.

Going into the game, LGD opted for a quick finish with Broodmother and Lion pushing bottom lane successfully against Pajkatt’s Puck, while an aggressive dual-lane of Pugna and Crystal Maiden tried their best to achieve the same on top. The mid lane shaped out as an even battle between Shadow Demon and Beastmaster.

However, it was EG who had the better start, with Nerubian Weaver the beneficiary of two nicely played ganks. During the first ten minutes LGD erased their advantage; their three heroes continued to apply pressure to the tower, leaving the opposing carry without room to farm.

After the first minutes passed by, LGD did not hesitate to make action happen, and the three heroes on top lane joined forces with the Demon Witch in mid to force battles near the towers of both lanes, drawing attention away from Broodmother, who continued to play her own game on bottom.

It was a troublesome time for EG who, despite a lot of careless initiations from LGD, had to face immense pressure, under which mostly their bottom lane had to suffer. The international mix managed to take some clashes off the Chinese, though LGD came out ahead, pushing through creeps and buildings.

LGD achieved a much-needed gold advantage from the 25th minute onwards, with Broodmother gaining significant strength. After that point, they controlled the game and took down the barracks, leaving no chance for EG to come back.Watch the final moments of the game in the following clip:


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