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VIDEO: Na’Vi Dendi’s free lessons

Five months ago, Dendi streamed himself analyzing replays of him using Shadow Fiend against top teams in official competitions (such as AEON and MYM among others).

This stream was originally meant to teach how to solo in the middle lane with SF. However, this guide has concepts that goes way beyond a particular hero soloing in a specific lane. The video has useful information for everyone, no matter if you solo or not
Dendi talks about the importance of runes, your team-mates, who and how to check the mini-map to improve your awareness, how to balance your balance harass and farm, and much more. He displays his understanding of the game in two hours straight. An offer that nobody can reject.

With a dynamic tempo and funny comments, the 115 minutes of the video’s duration are not only informative but highly entertaining. You will find yourself laughing and learning at the same time, listening of one the most successful players through time.

The stream was uploaded in pieces on his own3d.tv channel but user CtChocula (known for his translations of 2009’s casts) took the time to upload them merged in a single vid on youtube with a 720p quality.

As a final note, we believe that the concepts and information featured in the video are not limited to DotA since this things lead him to achieve the first place in ESWC’11, ICS#8, The International and ASUS Spring among other titles during this year.

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