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Garaj win OSPL Autumn 2011

Photo credit: cyberfight.ru

The Kazakh Omega Sector Pro League Autumn season came to a close this weekend with Garaj Gaming taking first place and 13,600 US-Dollar prize money.
“Ebaw Garaj!” The war cry of a new old Russian DotA-collective, is echoing accross cybercafès again. After the splitup of the starstudded Moscow5, most former members rearranged themselves within their previous environments. While Vladimir ‘PGG’ Anosov and Ivan ‘Vigoss’ Shinkarev resurrected The Retry from the dead, the other half consisting of Yaroslav ‘NS’ Kuznetsov and the Na`Vi-stand ins Sergey ‘G’ Bragin and Sergey ‘AA’ Revin sat down to dominate the competition as Garaj, a name under which the team won the OSPL Spring in early 2011 as well, which again lead to Moscow5 taking the players under their wings.

Together with fourth place finisher zNation, both squads attended the OSPL finals in Almaty as invited teams, alongside the winners of national qualifiers that were held in all Kazakh states as well as the bordering countries Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. The finals then commenced this weekend with 20 teams, divided into four groups, whose best two sides each moved on to a double elimination bracket to determine the winner.

Due to a short-term rule update that introduced considerable participation fees for teams of commercial organizations in Kazakhstan, the tournament ended up with a less attractive lineup than intended to, as teams, which were expected to fill invitation slots such as Na`Vi, NEXT.kz and GoSu, did not set foot on the Omega Sector cybercafè this weekend.

Despite a troublesome journey for Garaj, who due to technical difficulties, only arrived minutes before their first match, the Russians showed no signs of weakness and managed to proceed through both group stage and playoffs without losing a single game. In group B TR came second to Kyrgyz Hummer who later also eliminated them from the tournament before having been pushed into the lower bracket by Garaj. This freed room for local teams to show what they are made of. Especially Rush and previously mentioned Hummer managed to put themselves in the spotlight and ended up finishing in second and third place.

1st Place – Russia Garaj Gaming ~13,600 USD
2nd Place – Kazakhstan Rush ~6,800 USD
3rd Place – Kyrgyzstan Hummer ~3,400 USD
4th Place – Russia zNation ~1,700 USD

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