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Crystal: “I want to play my best with WE!”

Crystal (extreme left) in last night’s G-League match against TongFu.


In an interview conducted before WE’s defeat at the hands of TongFu, Crystal shares with a reporter from DotA 178 his expectations of working with his new team as well as his vision for DotA’s future.

What have you been up to lately?
-“I’ve been pretty occupied lately – either I’m playing DotA or I’m playing Mahjong! I got pretty hooked up on the latter though..”

What do you have to say about your new nickname “Fire Captain”? You practically haven’t found a permanent team for yourself yet.
-“I don’t have much to say; I guess I’m used to it already.. This time, though, I want to play my best with WE!”

Does that mean you’re staying in WE for good? What are your thoughts on the team?
-“Whether or not I can continue playing for WE will depend on my performance. WE is still a young team, and I can see everyone having big ambitions and plans for the their future career. The guys are all very anxious to achieve something.”

Does EHOME plan to disband?
-“You’ll have to ask 71 about this, not me – I know nothing.”

Do you think the new Nirvana.cn and iG team have the ability to dethrone DK?
-“About the new Nirvana.cn – if 357 and Dai can forget about WoW and LoL, then yes, they can.”

G-League is already well on its way. Have you started training with your new team? How is it going?
-“We’ve played four games against iG, and won none… But in our WGT match against PanDa, we got lucky and won one. This has indeed given us a confidence boost for our match against TongFu!” (They later lost 1-2.)

What role do you play in your team?
-“I try to adjust their mentality and impart some of my LAN experience to the players. My main role is carry.”

Have you made any special preparations this time (with regards to strategy)?

-“The person handling ban/picks at the moment isn’t me.. Well, I’m also not too familiar with this map version, so I would need some time to get into it. With regards to ‘special preparations’, you bet!”

Thank you for accepting the interview.
-“Thank you 178 for having me! And also, a big shoutout to WE’s sponsors!”

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