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Crystal fills in for Sylar in WE

Former roster of WE spotted outside KFC in China.


After Sylar’s transfer to LGD (see), it left WE with one man down and on the verge of up and coming LAN tournaments in China. Crystal has been called to aid once again and this time filling in for Sylar.

After helping LGD defeat Nirvana.cn to take a CCJOY championship title earlier this week, it has been confirmed by WE.DotA on their Microblog that Crystal will henceforth play for the team under the tag of ‘357’. With their roster also missing Li (with new member Icy replacing), it remains unknown whether Crystal’s stay in WE is permanent.

Regardless, the coaching duo of 2009 and 820 have a seemingly powerful knack at transforming the team into a powerhouse and this roster will pose no surprise should they rise up once again.

China WE.i-rocks.820 (Coach)
China WE.i-rocks.2009 (Coach)
China WE.i-rocks.Chan
China WE.i-rocks.Mofi
China WE.i-rocks.Fnty
China WE.i-rocks.Icy
China WE.i-rocks.357

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