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Misery: ‘Now, it’s all about winning.’


In a belated report of an interview with Misery during WDC, a reporter from DotA 178 recorded an interview with the Danish star on his experience in China and his thoughts about WDC. A transcript of the interview (originally done in English) has been provided for you below.

Hello Misery, this is your third time in China? (Yes.) How different does it feel this time?
-“The feeling is different in that we don’t feel prepared for WDC and we just came yesterday so we’re all abit tired. It’s a hard event for us, for sure.”

I know that you’ve been to Wuhan, to Beijing, and some other cities in China. Which city do you like best?
-“I like Beijing alot, because it’s big and there’s just this feeling that there’s a party all the time. I don’t know, it just felt really nice being there but I like Wuhan as well though – China in general I guess.”

You mentioned that you did not get enough practice for this tournament. Is it because you guys were focusing mainly on Dota 2?

We actually ended up going really late, like the day before, and that ended up in us not practicing at all.

-“It’s basically very complicated actually – during the last couple of weeks, we’ve really been trying to get to China, but due to different things, we haven’t been able to go (because of Visa issues and all that other stuff). We actually ended up going really late, like the day before, and that ended up in us not practicing at all. It wasn’t because of Dota 2 or anything – it’s just.. bad luck.

Amel (PlaymatE) came here two weeks ago, so we haven’t been able to practice because Amel was here, and we were only four people at home, so we couldn’t really practice.”

Let’s talk about your first match – what a pity that you lost. Tell us what you think about the match.
-“Actually, we felt pretty confident after the pick phase – we felt we had pretty good picks but as the game proceeded, we made a lot of mistakes because we had no communication on the stage and there was alot of noise so it was hard to communicate.

And, since we haven’t been practicing, it was really hard to know what one another was thinking during the game, so that made us make alot of mistakes and yeah, that was why we lost. We got punished; they were a really good team and they were just better than us.”

Nightstalker is a really good hero in Dota 2. Do you think he’s just as powerful in DotA?
-“I think he’s a really good hero in both games. He’s just so unique – I mean, he’s one of or the only hero that can do what it does. It’s definitely a good hero in both games.”

You haven’t had much chances to play with Chinese teams. Now that you’ve played PanDa, have you picked up anything that will allow you to beat them in your next match, since they are practically playing a different style from European teams?
-“They’re indeed playing a different style from us, but it’s more about our lack of training; it’s not about them playing a different style from Europeans or anything. It’s all about winning now and you can’t say that Asia has a style or Europe has a style in my opinion, it’s just about winning. So, it’s only our own fault; we haven’t really practiced.”

You will be facing two other Chinese teams later on in WDC. Are you confident of winning them?
-“We don’t know anything about those two teams.. (‘They’re weaker than PanDa.’) Oh okay. *smiles* I don’t think they know anything about us too, so we’re kinda even. I’m pretty sure we’ll be able to win at least one of the games.”

Almost everyone in your new team plays the carry. So how do you sort out your roles?

We don’t really know what we’re good at, yet.

-“Yeah, that’s the bigger problem for us. All of our players are so versatile so the fact that we haven’t practiced just makes it harder to come up with lineups that fit us [?]. We don’t really know what we’re good at, yet.

..Of course we know what we’re good at individually, but not as a team. We haven’t fixed roles for ourselves, played any games, so it’s really hard for us to adjust.”

Talk about your team’s performance in the last game (against PanDa).
-“We didn’t really know what our plan was since we had no idea what we were going to pick, because we hadn’t played a game like I said. It was just abit random. (‘Like a pub?’) Yeah, it did feel like a pub.”

Do you think Dota 2 will take the place of DotA?

DotA 1 is better than Dota 2 right now. It’s more complete.

-“At some point, I hope – maybe when it comes out as a game. It’s still not out yet, so it’s hard for people to think about it that way. But I really hope that the whole scene will unite at Dota 2, instead of having two games – it’s kind of split this way. I still like playing DotA 1; I still think it’s a good game – better than Dota 2 right now. It’s more complete.”

Any words for your Chinese fans? Show off your crazy Chinese *smiles*.
-“Okay, 你好 (ni hao/Hello), Chinese fans. I’m really happy to be here in China again, and it’s nice seeing all these people in China again.”

Misery and EG will be playing next at G-League Season 3.

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