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A cup of tea with the child Prodigy

Former DotA player and now a StarCraft 2 pro-player 13abyKnight sits down with GosuGamers for an interview about his present career under Na´Vi’s tag.

I am here today with one of the most phenomenal DotA players in the past, none other than Jon “The_13abyKnight” Andersen. No need for introductions, but lets hear it for the new gaming community you reside now.

“Hello everyone, I’m currently known in SC2 under the nick “NaViBabyK”, where I play for Natus Vincere. Before I became an SC2 player, I played DotA for 5 years. :)”

Your last interview with GosuGamers was six months ago, when you started playing for Natus Vincere and you were new to StarCraft 2. How have you managed to cope with the top rated players who were playing the game years/months ahead of you? Was there any time you considered going back to DotA

“Well during the summer I played 6-10 hours every day, and I become better very rapidly during that time. I never considered going back to DotA, because SC2 is much more enjoyable for me, and I am a 1v1 player, not a team player.”

As of now if I am not mistaken, you got your first win at a LAN tournament, which was the WCG Denmark Qualifiers. How does it feel? And how is the experience with the event going to help you?

“It feels great, I’m looking forward to going to Korea and represent Denmark at the WCG finals. I hope the nerves won’t get the better of me in Korea, because I feel like I can beat pretty much every player except for the top Koreans.”

If ever granted that you reach finals, whom would you like to face? And why?

“It’s a hard question to answer, getting to the final itself I will meet a lot of great players no matter what. The tournament is just so ridiculously stacked. But if I were to choose one, it’d probably be MVP, it would be an honor to play him on a big stage.”

How is your preparation with regards to the event? Do your team mates and as well as NaVi give you some special aids?

“I will just play as much as humanly possible up until the event, whether it be ladder or custom games with teammates or other good European players. Practicing specific builds against specific players won’t really help in a tournament like WCG so I’ll just practice my mechanics and probably a bunch of different styles so the other players won’t know exactly what I’ll do.”

So much for intense APM that will hit Korea, lets get into some lighter questions about you and the game. To start of, is there a certain Protoss player whom you idolize? And why Protoss among the three races?

“Before I got good at SC2 I loved watching HuK and Kiwikaki most of all, but right now I try not to watch too many streams, as it’ll just mean less practice for me. HuK’s probably still the Protoss I like watching most though, as I think he’s the foreigner who practices the most. I don’t know why I chose Protoss, I think it was because of Sentries and Blink Stalkers, but I’m not really sure. Am I happy with my choice? Sure, I’m mostly just happy I didn’t pick Terran, then I’d probably end up killing myself.“

What do you think of the new units in the upcoming expansion Heart Of The Swarm? Which one is your favorite? Which one is the least you liked?

“To be honest, I feel like Blizzard should just embrace the fact that to make SC2 a better game, they have to make it more like Brood War. I like space control units like the Shredder, because it reminds me of the Spider mine in SC:BW. I like the War Hound, because it reminds me of the Goliath in SC:BW, and I kind of like the Tempest, because it reminds me of the Corsair from BW (except from the fact that the tempest is a capital ship). Etc. But I don’t like units like the replicant. It will be nearly impossible to balance, and doesn’t feel ‘StarCraft’ish’ to me. That said, I’m super pumped for HotS”

Its not just StarCraft having its boost, we also have DotA 2 on the other hand. What do you think of this game? Have you played it?

“I’m not coming back to DotA, so I don’t follow the DotA scene anymore, nor have I played DotA 2. I’m not even sure if I’m gonna be buying it, it’s just not enjoyable for me to play the game anymore.”

Well that is sad to hear for your loyal DotA fans out there since NaVi.DotA is lacking one player. 😀 Anyways, if not in the game, maybe your last DotA team (Browned Potatoes) still interests you, do you still keep in touch with some of them?

“I still idle in our old IRC channel, but they’re rarely ever there anymore so no, not really.”

We are near the end of our little chat, do you have any messages to aspiring players, that its not too late to cope up to the top just like how you did?

“Having been really good at another game helped me a lot. Even though StarCraft is a much harder game than DotA on multiple levels, knowing how to improve in a game, having been through that process once already is something that’s only gonna speed up your improvement process. The most important thing is to just play a lot. Practicing every day. So if you aren’t ready to do that, or you don’t love the game, don’t even try.“

It’s been nice catching up with one of the best Pro-Gamers in Europe, do you have any shoutouts?

“Thanks to CupCake (aka ThomasG from WC3) and his girlfriend MissCupCake for letting me stay with them in Copenhagen while I was playing WCG qualifiers, and sorry for knocking you out of the tournament Thomas <3. Also, thanks to my team, Natus Vincere, their main sponsor SteelSeries and all the other ones that I don’t remember. 😀 And thanks to all my fans!<3 you all“.

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