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430: ‘DK and iG.Y are clearly one level ahead of us.’

Crashing out disappointingly early at the World DotA Championships last weekend, 430 and iG.Z had no choice but to be contented with a quarterfinal finish. Interviewed after his loss, 430 discusses his team’s loss against Nirvana.cn and his hopes towards the changes DotA will face in the future.

Give us a short introduction of yourself.
-“Hi everybody, I’m 430 from iG.Z.”

You guys have just been eliminated, regrettably. Which part of your performance contributed most to your loss?
-“Firstly, we did not understand our opponents, Nirvana.cn, too well. Our ban/picks and strategies were also flawed, and adding to that, we did not execute them well either. Hence, we lost.”

Your team has been going through some changes lately, and we frequently see Faith playing a semi-carry/solo-mid role. Why is this?
-“It’s still a matter of hero assignment. Because the heroes I played required me to solo the long lane, we decided to leave Faith to solo mid.”

You met a couple of international teams during your run in WDC, including Na’Vi and Trust. Comparing them to Chinese teams, how are they different or better than us?
-“Well, they are very secretive, and we know almost nothing about them. Furthermore, the heroes and strategies they employ are totally different from the ones we use – just look at how that Thai team and Na’Vi picked a couple of ‘fun’ heroes, including Shadow Shaman, Death Prophet, Pudge, etc.

All in all, I would say that they vary from us in virtually all aspects, and this plays to their advantage, while on the downside, I’d say that they are not as serious and rigorous as us.”

Who do you think has the potential to win it all this time?
-“DK and iG.Y *points to the latter who is currently playing EG*, these two teams are clearly one level ahead of us.”

What about EG?
-“They just got together and haven’t had much time to practice – I believe iG.Y will still defeat them.”

6.73 is just around the corner, and everyone is talking about how Invoker will be nerfed. As one of your ‘key’ heroes, what changes do you think should be made to balance the hero?
-“Man, not another nerf.. I feel that Invoker has already been crippled enough during his laning stage. If you want to nerf him, I guess you could nerf the regeneration he gets from his Quas.”

You don’t think the Tornado-EMP combo is too overpowered?
-“The Tornado-EMP combo requires levels to pull off effectively, and most teams nowadays make sure they have two Arcane Boots and one Mekansm on their lineup. This practically nullifies the effect of the Tornado-EMP combo. Many international and national teams have already started to ignore the hero.”

Any expectations of 6.73? Are you looking forward to new heroes?
-“Yup, I’m indeed looking forward to new heroes – I’m also looking forward to see Thrall and Tuskar in the competitive scene. Now that pubs no longer ban those heroes, adding the two of them will surely spice up the metagame. With regards to Phoenix and the rest, I still think we need some time.”

What do you think about trashtalking at offline events? Word’s out that you guys are quite the stars at trashtalking.
-“Nope! Have I been trashtalking? *draws chuckles from surrounding crowd* When you trashtalk, you’re obviously looking out for yourself, since it raises morale very effectively. As to whether it should be permitted, we shouldn’t forbid it just because there are people who feel it is damaging.”

Alright then. Any last words?
-“Thanks to all those who have been supporting us all these while. While we let you down this time, we will still try our best in the future.”

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