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China’s representatives at SMM revealed

After news of SMM bouncing to and fro between DotA and Dota 2, the year’s final major DotA tournament starts its countdown in less than a month. With teams scrambling to get their paperwork for the trip to Malaysia, China announces its four representatives at this year’s event – DK, PanDa, iG.Y and Nirvana.cn.

SMM 2011
China’s Representatives
China DK China PanDa China iG.Y China Nv.cn


Restricting the amount of teams international countries may field, this year’s SMM may just witness a non-Chinese champion for the first time in years. Since team count have been capped at 64, with 32 of them coming from within Malaysia, China may only send four teams to the event, excluding EHOME.

With EHOME’s latest instability following their participation at ACG, they will not be attending SMM this year. Instead, the top four Chinese teams from this year’s World DotA Championships will be fielded to Malaysia for the 6th edition of SMM.

And there you have it – China’s top four will make their last showdown at SMM 2011. Will the standings still favor the Chinese this time?


SMM Grand National DotA Finals
Tournament Details
Date: 2nd-4th December 2011
Venue: Mid Valley Exhibition Center, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Prize distribution
Champion: RM 55,000(~$18,000) Cash + Trophy + sponsored product
1st Runner Up: RM 25,000(~$8,000) Cash + Trophy + sponsored product
2nd Runner Up: RM 16,000(~$5,000) Cash + Trophy + sponsored product
4th Place: RM 10,000 Cash(~$3,000) + Sponsored Product
5th Place: RM 4,000 Cash(~$1,300) + Sponsored Product
6th Place: RM 3,000 Cash(~$1,000) + Sponsored Product
7th Place: RM 2,000 Cash(~$650) + Sponsored Product
8th Place: RM 1,500 Cash(~$500) + Sponsored Product
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