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Dota-League Says Goodbye

You can count with your fingers the number of European players that never played in Dota-League during the last six years. After so many evens ran by them, the German site posted today that they’re closing their doors for good.

DL was the host of SIG, Pick League, F4F, DL Masters (LAN), King of the Hill and the biggest online DotA tournament ever (RGC) among other events. It’s safe to say that DotA would have a much harder time reaching this point without DL. Their were one of the few organizations that paired with DotA and constantly supported it from the very beginning.

As a tribute for all this years of massive work, I chose some the most important games played in their tournaments. Take in count that there were countless games in their tournaments, so the ones chose are some of them. You can find others in our replay center by typing the tournament in the event tab.

MYM vs Na´Vi – F4F 3 Playoffs
One of the European modern classics, the last one featured by DL. The game displays one of the most amazing comebacks in DotA’s history in a fight that meant much more that the event: it was the clash for the last “King of the Online European DotA” tittle. The battle between the last MYM European roster and Na´Vi’s best line-up. It deserves to be seen at least once. If you doubt my words, the 61k downloads with a 9.5 rating out of 1200 votes may persuade you.

NWO vs LGD – RGC Quarter Finals
In one side: the sponsorless NWO with no achievements during the year. In the other: LGD, the second best team in China (only under the unstoppable EHOME) that rolled over everyone during the first part of the year. On a bot as even as it gets, NWO decided to play with some of the weirdest heroes ever. One of the first professional games showing Lycan’s power.[/url]

MYM vs Fnatic – F4F 2.1 Finals
Known as one of the best games ever played, KuroKy’s MYM faces Loda’s DDT when both teams were fighting for the top of the EU scene. You will ignore the phone, food, your mother and every living thing in the final 10 minutes of the game. Make yourself a favor and patch the version or load Tobi’s shoutcast of it.

KS.int vs MYM – DLM Final
One of the few LANs that the legendary KS.int played during their peak. The game displays KS.int’s favorite heroes with Kuro on Tinker, LevenT on NA and Puppey on ES. One of KuroKy’s best moments according him.

KS.int vs IGG – Pick League XI
The ever-though Romanians face KS.int and their strange picks (heroes like SS were not common at that time). In a game promoted by IceFrog himself (!), the Romanians gave KS.int a 90′ game full of action that was closed by one of he most undersused items on the game: Boots of Travel.


hexOr’s video about Mooseman (former DL admin)


GosuGamers – Original Article

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