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Interviews with KuroKy, syndereN and Lacoste

We are reaching the end of the year and we all know what does that mean for us… it’s WDC and SMM time! This epic events now gets a burst considering that this may be the last edition of both events in DotA (before moving on into Dota 2).

With WDC starting tomorrow we decided to make something special. GosuGamers brings you today not an interview, not even 2… but a 3-way interview with some of the most renown players in the scene: KuroKy, Lacoste and syndereN shared their thoughts and expectations regarding Loveen’s tournament. Additionally, I will talk to each one separately to add some personal questions.

Welcome guys and thanks for accepting this interview. Since there are no introductions required we will get straight to the point. What are your thoughts about NaΒ΄Vi and EG? (NEXT and M5 will not attend the event)

Germany Kuroky: Depends on their group. Na’Vi may get into the top3 if they are in top-shape. I don’t know anything about EG.

Denmark syndereN: It’s really hard to foresee how things are going to turn out. There are high expectations to Na`Vi because of their TI and ESWC victories, but now we’re back to DotA 1. It’s hard to say how well they will transition back into that game, but if they make their playstyle work in DotA 1 as well, I clearly see them having a good shot at this. As for EG, I have absolutely no idea; I haven’t seen them playing yet. Maybe they’re really strong, maybe they’ll flop completely. I’m a little sceptical about their team composition – many carry players and not too much experience with playing support, but we’ll see if they can pull it off. I believe they’ve been practicing hard for this.

Croatia Lacoste: Hi there! EG arrived like 1 day before the event and from what I know they didn’t train at all as a team! I hope they dont go home with bitter taste in their mouth, but its gonna happen most likely! They would’ve had a lot of potential if they bootcamped since all of them r really skilled individually! Navi on the other hand is “born for victory”; switching between DotA and Dota 2 constantly will surely make impact on their result aswell as loss of their captain! And I feel their passion is Dota 2!

WDC’10 top4 teams featured 2 Chinese, 1 European and 1 SEA. Can we see better non-Chinese teams in this edition?

Germany Kuroky: No. MYM and DTS were more prepared last year.

Denmark syndereN: We can, yes, but I don’t think the odds are good. As suggested above, Na`Vi and EG can definitely have a good shot at it, but I am not sure whether they can be expected to end in the top4. It is possible, though. As for SEA teams, I am not as familiar with their players as the two other teams, so I’m no expert here. I still would consider them underdogs as well, though. I’m going to guess for one non-Chinese team in the top4 this time around, I think.

Croatia Lacoste: Results might be similar this year!

How close will you guys follow the event? What’s the importance of WDC in your opinion?

Germany Kuroky: I will watch some games, mostly IG.Y’s because their style is most interesting to me.

Denmark syndereN: I’ve transitioned to Dota 2, and therefore I don’t follow the DotA 1 scene so much anymore. I will most likely be following the later matches of the tournament, though. As for its importance, well, it’s the World DotA Championships, what more needs to be said? πŸ™‚

Croatia Lacoste: I willl watch all the replays and I hope they are gonna be released imidiatelly! Its a great and huge event. Its not that important to me since im not attending heheh :)=

The Chinese scene suffered a lot of changes during this year. Their game-play morphed into a better phased one with more focus into pushing. Does that makes them stronger than ever? What do you think about the new CN powerhouses (DK, iG.Y, Panda)?

Germany Kuroky: Chinese play is more refined this year, results depend mostly on their mood/shape on the event.

Denmark syndereN: As mentioned above, I’m not, and I actually wasn’t ever really actively, following the Asian DotA scene, so I am no expert on this field. My general verdict is going to be that the transition in play-style will be to their advantage, though. Pushing and teamfighting is the key in the current meta-game, and having adapted that style of play, they are in a strong position. If they’re stronger than ever? I guess not, they’re as strong as they were in the previous meta-game, just playing differently.

Croatia Lacoste: All the teams you mentioned are really strong and I can see 2 of those 3 coming into top 3! Their playstyle overall is more perfect!

Looking back to 2010, the only team that really managed to defeat the Asian Giants was DTS. What’s the key to defeat them? Does their play-style differs from the “European” play?

Germany Kuroky: Chinese teams underestimated them, thus they had the advantage to surprise them.

Denmark syndereN: The reason DTS succeeded was that they first of all had great synergy from playing together for a long time, and they played _their game_. They came with a surprising way of playing which was allowed by the version introduced for WDC ’10, and pulled it off nicely, mainly illustrated by the “Zoo game” versus EHOME. The “Asian Giants” were taken completely by surprise in that game. Later on in the tournament DTS did very well as a team, and when it all comes down it, the best team wins. They had good teamplay and synergy, and thus got a nice placement.

Croatia Lacoste: Ever since walker gaming they had unique playstyle! I will try it explain it as simple as possible… FIGHT ONLY FOR TOWERS! Farm up every hero, tank up(bracers, vanguards, strenght pt) and kill more towers. And their great teamplay πŸ™‚

What are you expecting/looking forward to see at WDC?

Germany Kuroky: Good games.

Denmark syndereN: Good, aggressive play. Who isn’t? πŸ˜€

Croatia Lacoste: I’m expecting a lot of drama, upsets from underdogs and gay strats πŸ˜€

Who’s your most respected/admired player/team in the European Scene? What about the Asian?

Germany Kuroky: Puppey / GK, NaVi / EHOME.

Denmark syndereN: In the European scene, the team I admire the most is Na`Vi, for their effective way of organising and executing teamfights and tower pushing. My favourite Asian player is X!! / Dai, it’s a pleasure to see him playing.

Croatia Lacoste: I respect my good old friend Dendi. YYF and X!! (if anyone wanna buy I got ehomes jacket from gamescom. Leave me msg on my GG.profile for details :DDD πŸ™‚

I can’t but ask your top4 prediction

Germany Kuroky: any team has a chance, depending on preparation and mindset.

Denmark syndereN: If I have to have to give a prediction, it’ll be 3 Chinese teams and Na`Vi in the top four, in no particular order, apart from DK on top.

Croatia Lacoste: iG .Y DK Na’Vi WE, in no specific order!

monkey decided to focus in Dota 2 full-time. What are your plans? When will you migrate to Dota 2? What are the main differences between both games?

Germany KuroKy: DotA is a perfect game, Dota 2 is not comparable on a competitive level to DotA at the moment. I just started playing Dota 2 as DotA tournaments are slowly finishing.

Denmark syndereN: I have already transitioned to Dota 2, in which I’m playing with my team WHB. As for the main difference, I usually say that Dota 2 and DotA 1 are the same games, but that they also aren’t: they have the same content and game flow (what is implemented so far at least) with very few exceptions, but the experience of playing it is different. Amazing sound sets, nice graphics, and great feedback to you as a player when you do nice stuff all adds up to make a more enjoyable game.

Croatia Lacoste: I think they made a good decision! Im also playing only dota2 since its really great! The difference is that dota2 is more awesome ! πŸ˜‰

Lacoste, OK was the surprise of TI (coupled with Scythe). How did you feel the event and the team?

Croatia Lacoste: International was just amazing! Im satisfied with our place, but we couldve done better aswell considering our play there! We pushed ourselves to the limits! Had a great atmosphere in team made us win a lot of games.

Former OK.int members decided to join EG or eZ Style. What about you? What are your plans for the future?

Croatia Lacoste: Playing with ex-MYM members πŸ™‚

You and mitch are the only really known Croatians in the scene. Despite that, both of you plays/ed in top teams and Croatia was able to fight some bigger nations at MYM Nations. Why’s that? Can we see more CCC* teams in the future?

Croatia Lacoste: Mitch is really a nice guy and skilled player! I enjoy playing with him and its very easy to play with. We were underdogs, and I like playing as one ;D since no one excpets anything from u! CCC or CC hehehe

note: CCC means “Cookie-Cutter Croatians”, as Maelk called them in Nations.

You played in a bunch of top teams, going from one team to the other but what’s your favorite one? In which one did you feel at home or more comfortable?

Croatia Lacoste: MYM and old Tribal πŸ™‚

I must ask this question man. How many Lacoste clothes do you have?

Croatia Lacoste: HEHe! Not much ;D. I’m not addicted as you think ;D

Kuro: after TI you went out of the scoop. You became the only GGnet player for a while and we could see you playing in PANZER. What’s your plan for the future? Will we see a TI/SMM vendetta?

Germany Kuroky: No sponsor for SMM

Pajkatt and Puppey are getting more successful in their careers than when their were with GG’s tag. What was GGnet’s problem?

Germany Kuroky: GGnet was not taken serious by anyone, alot of problems between team and management ultimately led to casual gaming instead of professional gaming; another organisation might have prevented the history we suffered.

We all know you from your legendary play at KS.Int during .57-59era, but what game(s) you remember most? Why?

Germany Kuroky: Most games against MYM, it’s a long time rivalry between me and them.

What’s the mistake (DotA-related) that you regret most?

Germany Kuroky: No real regrets.

It seems that the German scene have major troubles to stick together and find sponsors. Why’s that?

Germany Kuroky: Nobody takes DotA here serious, Family>education>girlfriend>friends>sports>>>DotA. Personally, it’s sad, as I’m forced to play in multinational teams if I want to play on a high level, but through the years I learned that it’s impossible to have stable success with a multinational team.

Now’s your turn synd. You’ve been in TI with nevo but you decided to leave them and step-up as a shoutcaster. However, you are now part of WHB. Is it impossible to cast professionally and play competitively at same time? Why are you bouncing between them?

Denmark syndereN: I am finding space for both. I am both a caster and a player!

Can you tell us, in your words, what happened in nevo?

Denmark syndereN: The team wanted a change, they planned to introduce Link and CalculuS into their roster, and I accepted and stepped down from the team. Sometimes change is for the better, and I was fine with getting a fresh breath with something new as well, so I was alright with it.

You casted by yourself (MYMTV), with Tobi (joinDOTA) and with MadMortigan (Mark). Which way do you enjoy casting more? What are the differences between them?

Denmark syndereN: I like dual casting a lot, it’s great to have the whole ping-pong action going on between two casters who synergise and get along well. I think I had nice synergy back with Mark, and that I have that with Tobi now as well. I feel the casts appeal to a broader audience by me being teamed up with Tobi – we have a lot of fun doing our thing, while still sticking to the game and getting both the play-by-play and expert commentary done in an appropriate manner, I think.

Which path are you planning to follow: synd The Player or synd The Caster?

Denmark syndereN: synd, the Hybrid.

After so many years of competitive play, which are your best memories?

Denmark syndereN: The yelling on Ventrilo after winning our game in EnRo versus OS|oNe against mega creeps back in the day, that was really a rush! Winning the Razer EDC finals 3-2 versus MYM with Online Kingdom after playing all five games in succession on the same evening in a DotA marathon, and of course all the nice experiences of ESWC and The International as well, great times!

Okay guys, thanks for everything. Any shoutouts?

Germany KuroKy: shoutouts to my long time teammates azen and miracle, wish you best luck. also good luck on rmN and Kebap on their future careers.

Denmark syndereN: Big shoutout to my Badger baller buddies, and to Mane, Rack, azidioN, wANKiNATUREN, Big D, Snuppe, Ravn, and the people over at joinDOTA. And last and least, Dan… for no apparent reason.

Croatia Lacoste: Shoutout to Boc and all my fans and haters :D!


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