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KingJ: ‘We’re slowly looking for a style of play that suits us.’


KingJ with Seaking at a G-League qualifier.


Since his transfer to Nirvana.cn from DK, KingJ has been meriting the team a couple of well-deserved wins. During last night’s G-1 match against PanDa, Nirvana.cn fought strong and defeated the team in two straight games. G-1 reporter stops KingJ for a brief interview regarding the tournament.

Firstly, congratulations on your 2:0 win against PanDa at G-1. Introduce yourself to everyone!
-“Hi guys, I’m KingJ, and sometimes I go by my nickname, Small J.”

Regarding last night’s victory, what was the key factor behind your win?
-“I think it came down to the preparation we did on PanDa before the match. We went through their replays and analysed their style of play. We didn’t do too badly during the actual match too.”

You put up a good performance(s) with Puck in both games against PanDa, especially in the first game where you rushed a Dagon early on. What was the reason behind this item choice?
-“I didn’t actually plan to go Dagon. I just wanted to give our lineup some more burst damage and prevent a situation where we had to waste time chasing the opponent team if we could have easily killed him off early.”

Tonight’s match at G-1 revealed something that wasn’t seen in your previous matches. Is your team starting to look into and modify your own strategies?
-“Yup. After losing a couple of matches, there’s bound to be some self-examination and then change – if not we wouldn’t be considered a professional team in the first place. Now, we’re slowly looking for a strategy and style that really suits us.”

Seaking’s role in the team has been erratic of late. He would sometimes be seen playing a support. What is with this arrangement?
-“That was an accident. During that game, we didn’t actually get together and Seaking was playing from home. His computer couldn’t handle it so we placed him on main support.”

Your next opponent will be the winner of WE and DK. Regarding these two teams, what do you think are your odds of winning?
-“WE recently won over iG.Z 2:0, so their mentality and energy is amazing. DK is an old team and they’ve been performing phenomenally at recent events. It wouldn’t surprise me if any of them won the match [DK later took the match 2:1].

I don’t want to comment on our odds of winning – needless to say, we haven’t been doing as well as them at tournaments. All I can say is that I’ll try my best.”

What are your thoughts on this season’s G-1 tournament?
-“The tournament’s advertisement and shoutcasts are hilarious. I make it a point to watch them over snacks. They’re great.”

G-1 will be having a MVP voting system. Who do you think will be the four nominees?
-“Burning, I guess. I’m used to seeing him there already. The minute he makes the ballot, it’s basically a sure-win for him.”

Thank you KingJ for the interview. All the best for your grand finals match. Any shoutouts?
-“Thank you for all your support for Nirvana.cn. Let’s hope we’ll bring our A-game the next match!”

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