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Wuhan eSports Invitationals coming your way

As the Chinese competitive DotA scene heats up with the World DotA Championships later this month, another offline event will follow to close the month of November. The Wuhan eSports Invitationals will feature a 70,000 RMB ($11,000) prizepool and eight of China’s elite teams. The tournament will run from 27th to 28th of November.

Wuhan eSports Invitationals
Qualifying Teams Confirmed Teams
China TongFu China WE China EHOME
China PanDa China Aow China LGD
China DQ China DT China Nv.cn
China Dt China DmH China Eve

Qualifying teams will first have to play an online qualifiers to determine the four teams who will advance. This series of best of three matches will be played in the following week just before WDC. After the top four have emerged, they will then join EHOME, LGD, Nirvana.cn and Eve in the offline finals scheduled for November 27 to 28.

Prominently missing from this tournament are several high-profile teams such as DK and the iG duo. Nevertheless, the Wuhan eSports Invitationals promises some intense competition between arguably the top teams of Chinese DotA.

1st Place – 20,000 RMB ($3,200)
2nd Place – 15,000 RMB ($2,400)
3rd Place – 10,000 RMB ($1,600)
4th Place – 5000 RMB ($800)
4th to 8th Place – 3000 RMB ($500)
Advanced Qualifying Teams – 2000 RMB ($300)

GosuGamers – Original Article

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