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357: ‘We underestimated Na’Vi’s power.’


357 on a Windrunner in Dota 2


A brutal realization dawned on the EHOME boys after they were unexpectedly eliminated by DT.Club. While they may have just returned from ESWC in Paris, their crippled standing among the Chinese teams was almost too hard to watch. A reporter from Replays.net managed to grab hold of 357 before his team was eliminated from GK.


Hello, please give us a short introduction.
-“Hi everybody, I’m EHOME’s 357 and my present ID is QQQ.”

Why don’t you summarize for us your experience at ESWC?
-“We found out that we underestimated Na’Vi’s power, and personally I performed under expectations. Hence, I regret that we lost.”

Are you satisfied with placing second?
-“I guess, for me, I’m still okay with it.”

Now that you’re back in China, you have to handle both DotA and Dota 2. Do you think such a transition will be difficult?
-“Although these two games are merely switching game engines, but taking into perspective details, movement and development, they are heading in different directions – you can almost regard them as two distinct games. I feel that transitioning from one game to the other will present extreme difficulties.”

What are your goals for GK?
-“Play my best for each and every game, and try to play as many games as possible.”

Which team do you think will take the championship?
-“DK I guess.”

-“Their performance recently has been outstanding and stable. I don’t see it possible at the moment for any team to pose a threat to them.”

There’s been a heated discussion over why Anti Mage can be used competitively but not Chaos Knight. What are your thoughts?
-“He could be used competitively, but as a main carry, he has no farming abilities and it’s hard for him to get stacked. I guess he just does not fit into the current metagame’s requirements of a ‘carry’.”

The ACG regional finals will be happening soon. As China’s representative, how does your team intend to prepare for the event?
-“We don’t have much time to prepare, but we will try our best to return to where we were in DotA.”

Why don’t you say something to encourage your team?
-“We’ll try our best at ACG, and even though I’m not confident of saying it’s a sure-win, at least I will promise you that we will make our best effort there.”

Any thing else you would like to say?
-“This year’s results have not been good at all; we’ve never been able to get a championship. I feel that we’ve let down all the people who have been supporting us throughout the months and years.”

GosuGamers – Original Article

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