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GK Invitationals Day 2


EHOME preparing for their Dota 2 showmatch live.


Unlike the first day which went smoothly for the top teams, day two was a day of upsets for the GK Invitationals Cup as top contenders iG.Y and EHOME performed disappointingly under expectations. While iG.Y still have a shot in the loser’s brackets, EHOME have been sent packing by DT.Club – and so the drama ensues.

In the semifinals of the winner’s bracket, iG.Y were surprisingly defeated by WE and forced to the loser’s bracket. They will meet PanDa tomorrow and play to stay in the tournament.

Meanwhile, fresh from ESWC, EHOME were sent to the loser’s bracket by iG.Z, and while they were set to proceed further in the tournament, they were knocked out by DT.Club in round two and have been eliminated without a cash finish.

On a lighter note, DK will face WE tomorrow in the finals of the winner’s bracket, where the winner will then proceed on with a one-game advantage in the grand finals. The winner of this match will have a guaranteed second place finish of 30,000 RMB ($4,700). First and third place are awarded $12,600 and $1,600 respectively.

Will DK make this a fourth consecutive victory? Tune in to tomorrow’s stream of the tournament to find out. Having defeated WE in G-League 3-1, they certainly look confident as they begin their march to victory.

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