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GK Invitationals Brackets

Posted by Dexter “kurtcos” F 5 hours ago

DK with manager Farseer in their match against Nv.cn


The brackets have been released for the sixteen teams who will be participating in the GK Invitationals Cup this weekend. Four matches have already been played in round one of the winner’s brackets with still a long way ahead for all teams. The best of China square off once again for 80,000 RMB ($12,600) in cash.

GK Invitationals
Completed Results*
China DT.Club 0-1 China LGD
China TyLoo 0-1 China iG.Y
China Nv.cn 0-1 China DK
China PanDa 1-0 China TongFu


The morning of the tournament offered no surprises as the underdogs were unable to pull off a win over their arguably superior opponents. Nevertheless, the tournament will be structured with double elimination best of one brackets so teams who have lost their first round one match can still fight to come back from the loser’s brackets.

With a long weekend ahead of us as well as DotA 2 showmatches planned among participating teams, be sure to catch your favorite Chinese teams in action as they battle it out for $12,600 in cash and the glory of being China’s numero uno.

*Updated to time article was published. Refer to brackets for latest results.


GosuGamers – Original Article

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