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Aeon vs Mineski in Darer Showmatch

As part of promoting Darer’s up and coming Asian server, the client will host a DotA showmatch between two of Asia’s top teams – Aeon Sports and Mineski Infinity. With pressure on both teams to perform, be sure to tune in tomorrow, October 26, at 15:00 CET and watch as sparks fly between the two Asian powerhouses.

Darer Showmatch
AEONSports Mineski Infinity
Singapore Aeon.XuL-
Singapore Aeon.Bouncy
Singapore Aeon.WarNutZ
Singapore Aeon.FrAgniiTy
Singapore Aeon.d4rkw1sH
Philippines Mski.wootz.PColor
Philippines Mski.Julz.PColor
Philippines Mski.Bimbo.PColor
Philippines Mski.Owa.PColor
Philippines Mski.rr.PColor

It’s a night of DotA for interested viewers as the two teams engage in a best of three showmatch on Darer’s Asian server. An English stream will be hosted up on GosuGamers by our very own “GoDz” for the match which will take place Wednesday at 15:00 CET.


GosuGamers – Original Article

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