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Tongfu speaks up about G-1

As a virgin team formed only weeks ago, Tongfu started as one of the underdogs of the G-1 Champions League which will soon begin playoffs. After a 2:1 victory over DT.Love on October 17th, the team led by kabu expects to face WE this Friday. Their manager, CuZn, recently took some time off to answer a few short questions from G-1 reporter Soy.

Not many people are familiar with you and your team. Why don’t you give us an introduction?
-“Hi everybody, I am the manager and ‘nanny’ of Tongfu E-Sports, CuZn. I am male, personally a hardcore DotA fanatic and was once the captain of CA. Currently, I’m employed at Tongfu Food Co, with the E-Sports division only recently formed in September. Our DotA team is led by kabu, and our members are 121, molu, lyly, ccc and 1037.”

Regarding the match against DT.Love, what was the key contributing factor behind your victory?
-“Well, their sense of danger I guess! I’m in Shanghai at the moment, and before the match I threatened dissolution of the team should they lose.”

In your second game, your team’s play was all over the place. Batrider was unable to control Anti-Mage late game – why did you decide to use Batrider to counter Anti-Mage in your strategies?
-“The new players are rather inexperienced with bans and picks, and at times they are unable to capitalize on their advantage in game to win the game. I think our focus is not so much on the strategies – we were hoping that our players would have gained something from our earlier training matches with DT.Love and DK and hopefully perform well online.”

Since Tongfu is a new team, what expectations and goals have you set for them as the manager?
-“I hope the team members can get their chemistry going as soon as possible, while improve their overall play through participating in competitions and taking them seriously regardless of their scale. Also, I hope the players will be able to reach their full potential.

Through this, we also hope to promote the development of E-Sports in Anhui, and I wish the club will have something to show for and repay our sponsors for their support and investment in us.”

This is Tongfu’s first time at G-1. What are your thoughts on the competition so far?
-“Very good. The competition is organized and run efficiently. Oh, and who can complain about the free [good] food and beer?”

From your rise as a pubber to becoming a manager of an E-Sports team, what has been the biggest change you witnessed among the games you played?
-“I’m only familiar with how the team manages itself – for pubs, players are focusing on maximizing their own damage output to contribute to a victory while professional teams have players who contribute to the team by splitting resources equally and intelligently to maximize output as well as playing at a synchronized rhythm.”

As a master of Invoker, when will we get to see you in action?
-“When it’s not getting banned and if my team doesn’t need me on other heroes, I will show you the power of a Quas-Extort Invoker!”

Of course. Any last words?
-“I wish G-1 all the best – hope there’ll be better food too!”

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