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Son1 Joins SGC for ESWC

SGC during The International

Storm Games Clan will appear in ESWC with a slightly different roster. Read on to see the statements given by their stand-in, son1 and their manager. Thon_Mayo.

Son1, a friend and possible SGC player in the future, joins its roster for the ESWC tournament. The current team consists of craNich, Warlog, Tulex, gollik and Son1. We contacted the team and got a few words with the stand-in as well as their manager.

-Hello, son1! First off, are you in France already? Or will you fly later on?
A: “No, our flight will be on Saturday morning.”

-How is the interaction between you and the team? Do you have any harmony problems as a stand-in?
A: “The interaction is great, because I know all of them for a long time and I’ve been with them personally in LAN parties.”

-What are your feelings towards ESWC? What about the group stage?
A: “I’m really looking forward to it but I have to say that the group stage is kind of unbalanced.”

-Any teams that you feel will be more than a challenge?
A: “Na’Vi, M5, Ehome and of course Orange, but I haven’t played against them yet, so it’s like a journey to the unknown.”

-With your addition to the team, do you think SGC will be showing new tactics and a different gameplay style during ESWC?
A: “I think that we will see different gameplay and tactics from every single team.”


The manager, Thon_Mayo stepped in to clear some questions regarding the roster and how will SGC play in the upcoming competition.

[…] their style has become more aggressive than before.”

-Since Son1 may come into the team sometime soon, will he be an additional player or will he replace someone in the future?
A: “Well, I don’t know what are our plans for after ESWC. Iacek left us and Tonci isn’t available most of the time. I didn’t speak about that with the team, because the goal is ESWC. We’ll see after that.”

-So will the new roster show something different in ESWC?
A: “I saw them play during their training sessions and their style has become more aggressive than before. They play like they want just to be the best.”

-The group stage also came out and it shows that SGC may be facing tough times during the competition. What are your thoughts about it?
A: “It’s hard to tell if that is the official table since in the website team BLAST does not seem to be added yet. But if they keep these groups, it will be hard because group A has more “bigger” teams than group B. It’s an offline event, so everything is possible and I really hope that they will show their best skill.”

-Would you like to add any further statements, shoutouts or comments?
A: “Good luck to all participating teams, even 4GL. Shoutout to all ARGH members, especially Helmut, NooBCake and DIV team and all my other fanboys. Savoie en force!”


GosuGamers – Original Article

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