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Interview with Tnk from MitH.Trust

MitH.Trust observing the two iG teams in action in China.

The only international team to grace the E-Sports Champions League (ECL), MitH.Trust is arguably Thailand’s most prominent team in the scene with appearances at Gamescom, ESTC and this week’s ECL. Talking on behalf of the team is their captain Tnk in a special interview live from the event.

Hello, I am indeed very honored to conduct this interview with your team. Why don’t you give us a short introduction?
-“I’m happy to accept this interview from the DotA 178 crew. Hi, I’m MitH.Trust’s captain Tnk.”How did you guys receive the invitation from the tournament organizers to attend ECL?
-“Well, I met Danny previously at ESTC as he was accompanying Eve to the tournament. We had a small chat and ECL popped up in one of our conversations. With his help later, we managed to get the opportunity to attend the competition.”

Since you mentioned ESTC, what happened with your loss to Neolution in the semi-finals?
-“Well, during that match, we had to play with a drop so it became 4v5. Regrettably, we lost.”

So do you still consider yourselves as Thailand’s number one team?
-“Yes. *smiles*”

Is this your first time in Beijing? What was your first impression?
-“Indeed, it is my first time here, and I am very excited to say the least. Well, my first impression would have to be the temperature in Beijing – it’s rather cold, haha.”

The World DotA Championships will follow ECL in a few week’s time. Will the team camp in China until the competition?
-“We won’t. We chose to return to Thailand and wait for WDC to near us before we make another trip to China.”

What’s your goal for ECL?
-“We’re looking to be champions, of course.”

Who will your strongest competitor be then?
-“These two, obviously… *points to the iG teams playing a training match on stage*”

Have you heard about China’s recent juggernaut team DK who took down three titles in a row?
-“No, we have not. *reveals startled expression*”

Last year, your team managed a top eight at WDC. How about this year?
-“Definitely, we are looking to improve on last year’s results, but there will be many strong teams at the tournament, so all I can say is – we’ll give it our best.”

Is your roster still the same as last year’s?
-“No, we have replaced three members. The only two members remaining from last year’s would be LK and myself.”

What are your thoughts on the new players?
-“They are all very talented players, and also they’re the reason why we’re able to compete with the other top teams.”

I notice that your team members have all worn your Dota 2 jackets from Gamescom. Have you guys decided to make a complete switch to Dota 2?
-“No, our practice depends on whatever competition comes next. Since WDC is right up after ECL, we will be concentrating on playing DotA instead.”

Who do you guys usually practice with?
-“We mainly play against the Malaysian powerhouse duo MUFC and Orange.”

Are you willing to reveal your win rate with these teams?
-“It’s roughly 50%.”

Any last words?
-“I just have one question – how is the weather like in Wuhan? We came unprepared last year, and one of our teammates fell down with a cold.”

I think it’ll be colder than Beijing, so I would advice you guys pack heavy.
-“Haha, thank you. Shoutout to all our friends, and we promise to play some good matches at this tournament.”


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