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GamersLeague’s ANdre comments on ESWC

Deserving of being in the spotlight on the ESWC stage, we seek out and meet with 4GL’s ANdre. The following interview shows a lot from one of the best Serbian teams.

-Hello, ANdre! Let’s head straight to the first question… Who will be in your roster? Any new faces?
A: “Sadly, due to receiving information about the tournament itself late, we couldn’t bring our newcomer BABARRR with us, so the roster will consist of Mitch, Gordan, Baja, grizine and myself. I’m really looking forward to playing with these guys on LAN, as they are really experienced, dedicated and the most important thing – nice people.”

[…] Our will is strong.”

-4GL has participated of some big events already, but how are your feelings towards ESWC? Do you think 4GL will make a great impact on the competition?
A: “Well, first of all I want to clear some things up. Our old team name, long before we got our recent sponsors, was “4glory”, aka 4GL. When we got a deal with GamersLeague, we thought that it would be awesome to have our old clan tag connected to our new nicks, so we chose to give ourselves the 4GL tag. I have heard some streamers using 4glory while talking about us, and since we represent GamersLeague I just wanted that cleared up.

As for ESWC, we are really looking forward to it, as we started training with Dota 2 as soon as we finished our Excello cup, which was about a month ago. We had a nice shape in the recent practice matches and our will is strong. The picks are something that we had to adapt to, and I think we managed to do that. I am sure that if we bring our A-game we can do great.”

-Thanks for clearing that up. As for the tournament, GamersLeague was placed in group B. What are your thoughts concerning your situation and the other teams? Any worries?
A: “I think that all the participating teams are great. The only team I don’t know anything about is Lias Gaming. Some of them haven’t played a lot of Dota 2, but then again – the game is basically the same [as DotA], apart from visual stuff. Some players need more time or games to adapt, but basically after more or less 30 games, everyone should be fine. I think both groups are equal, and my team was very excited to see that we will be in the same group with likes of Na`Vi, Orange and NEXT.kz.”

Some players need more time or games to adapt.”

-Climbing to the top will indeed be a challenge, but can you see 4GL among the top teams in this competition? Will you give us something out of the ordinary to look for?
A: “We are really looking forward to this challenge, and hopefully we will do great. All the teams participating are great as I already said. If we do as we have been doing during our training, I’m sure we can find our way through. As for something out of the ordinary… Well, I guess you will have to wait and see.”

-Thank you for your time. Any last comments, statements or shoutouts you would like to add?
A: “Thank you for your time as well. I’d like to personally thank Kim-Erik Aanes and the whole GamersLeague crew for their support, as well as our sponsors Coca-Cola Norway. Any information about our team and our organization is reachable in on our website http://www.gamersleague.no. HUGE SHOUTOUT to my (current and former) teammates, and also for Iyonic, Urke, Flow4v and Eleni as well as everyone who supports our team and DotA in Serbia. See you in Paris!”


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