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DK forfeits ACG for WDC

Indeed, DK would have been the perfect representative for China at this year’s Asian Cyber Games (ACG) given that they recently clinched their third consecutive championship title at G-League. However, due to how close the World DotA Championships in Wuhan is scheduled to the ACG finals in Indonesia, DK has officially announced the forfeit of the latter.

Almost a month ago, DK took down Nirvana.cn in a best of five Grand Finals to win the ACG China qualifiers and the opportunity to represent China at the regional finals (see). Yet, as it turns out, the former Galacticos all-stars will be dropping that opportunity in favor of a tournament arguably grander and closer to home.

It should be noted, however, that DK have not officially qualified for the offline finals of WDC, but they have emerged first in the voting ‘resurrection’ process. And, if all goes according to plan, their odds of qualifying for the offline event are incredibly positive.

The question whether China decides to field a replacement or not at all remains open-ended. But seeing as how similar teams would find themselves in the same dilemma should they also qualify for WDC, speculations are now falling on EHOME to be China’s representative should they miss qualifying for WDC.

The organizing committee of ACG China has just announced EHOME to be DK’s replacement at the regional finals in Indonesia.

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