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MYM takes fourth at “The International”

The fourth day of “The International” is over and MYM will take fourth place and brings bags $80,000 in prize money

Starting out as Radiant in game one, MYM started off very well, gaining a lot of early kills on EHOME. It seemed that the Danish team will be able to take down the last standing Chinese team in the tournament. However, EHOME, did what they did best, taking it easy and allowing their core heroes to farm up. After both Storm and Doom Bringer farmed their core items, they initiated some good team fights, closing in on the advantage that MYM had, eventually winning the game.

In game two, the teams swapped sides with MYM playing on Dire and EHOME playing on Radiant. Fearing EHOME’s Doom Bringer, MYM quickly banned him out but EHOME picked up Tinker instead. The game went relatively fast with various ganks happening with the help of Lion and Lich. After Tinker got his Boots of Travel he was able to tele-push with easy allowing him to mass farm quickly. Tinker coupled with Weaver’s quick radiance and Lion’s great initiate proved too great for MYM and had to concede defeat.

MYM will not be going home empty handed though as they are now in fourth standing in the whole tournament and will take home $80,000 in prize money.

GosuGamers – Original Article

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