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MUFC.Sharky : ‘Drafting is harder than it seems’

Left to Right: Sharky, Net, Silvercross, Ky.Xiaoyu, XiaoLing

Our final interview before “The International” starts, this time with captain of MUFC, Sharky.

So first things first, how does it feel to be the only team to represent Malaysia at “The International”?
-“We feel proud and excited because we are the only team to represent Malaysia and we can meet so many gamers over there. None of us have been to Germany as well, so it’ll be a big treat to us.”

Scythe gaming will be the Singaporean representative at Gamescom, would you like to see the classic Malaysia vs Singapore match again?
-“Yeah, I know that. Don’t forget that I’m one of the Scythe players back in the days. Of course I’d like to see the classic match-up, hopefully it will be on the grand final match?”

So what sort of preparations has the team done for Gamescom?
-“We have been training together in lanshops after we got the beta, we’ve only been playing with the playstyle that we are used to. We’ve also tested some new strategies but don’t know whether it works or not. We’ll see during Gamescom.”

So tell us what the roster would be like for Gamescom and who will be playing what role?
-“Well, this is the new MUFC for 2011 which consists of me, Silvercross, XiaoLing and two new member which is the new Malaysian superstar Ky.xiaoyu and the best supporter which is Net. Me and net will be playing support and ganker roles, while Silvercross isl as always the farmer in MUFC. Xiaoyu and XiaoLing will most probably play the solo roles.”

So the usual question, which team/s are you least looking forward to facing?
-“Mostly the European teams because the game is considered a new game and playstyle. I most afraid Puppeh because hes just so tall.”

As I remember correctly, the team will be leaving on Monday to Germany what are the plans from now till reaching Germany?
-“Ya, our flight is on Monday 11pm, we will train until quite late tonight and qw’ll have a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow i will going out with XiaoLing to buy some food for teams because we all know that European food is soo expensive.”

Besides playing in “The International” is there anything else the team is thinking of doing?
-“No really, unless we win the 1Million prize money then we will start planning to do something. *laughs*”

So what is the plan if you guys win the 1million dollars?
-“I will hand in my resignation letter to my boss, since working is not easy , and i will try to find some easy business to do and earn money.”

Since the MUFC that will be heading to Gamescom is a new roster than the previous who will be leading the draft?
-“Ya its a new roster. Now I will be leading the draft for MUFC and now I realize how difficult it really is.”

All right, that’s a wrap, any final shoutouts!
-“Thanks for our Manager Chenizace and Mr.Jerry, the boss of MUFC. He’s a very good person just like our father who has been taking care of us from start until now, and thanks to all our sponsors Razer , MSI , MU`Gold and Colosseum , see you at Gamescom!”

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