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MitH.Trust interviewed from bootcamp

After pictures of the team at bootcamp were released on their team’s website, fans got a sneak peak of how preparations with MitH have been going. With merely three days to go before Gamescom, the entire team sits down together to answer a few questions.

What are the roles of your players?
-“Tnk is the all-rounder in our team. Lakelz is the main carry while sD is on support. aabBAA and 3nu both take the solo and ganker roles.”

How are the trainings been carried out? Who do you guys train with?
-“We all agree that training has went well but we ran into many problems too. Our bootcamp is held at one of our members’ house. We mostly spend our time training with ourselves but we have had a couple of matches against MUFC.”

Do you have any special strategies/tactics prepared for this event? How much are you willing to reveal?
-“Well, because there is currently still a small pool of heroes, we have only a few strategies that we are preparing for this event. However, the strategies turn out to be similar to the ones in Dota 1. Or not. *laughs*”

Have you visited Germany before? What are your feelings toward the trip?
-“Sadly, the team has never visited Germany before and so we are really excited for this trip. We would like to thank Valve and our sponsors for this wonderful opportunity.”

Has Mith arranged to meet up with the other Asian teams when you land in Cologne?
-“Not really, we have not arranged anything yet since we are following the transportation provided by valve first. We might try to contact the others after we reach the hotel.”

Do you think Mith can take home the million dollar prize for Thailand? Why?
-“Well, we can only say that we will give it our best shot for Gamescom as we have prepared extremely hard for this.”

What would you do with the money if you won?
-“We haven’t thought about this yet since we have been training very hard.”

Which team(s) or player(s) pose the biggest threat to Mith and why?
-“Literally every team will pose a threat to us at this event, as I believe they would have all prepared well for it.”

Which team(s) or player(s) are you looking forward to meet and why?
-“We would like to meet… haha we don’t know – maybe everyone!”

Any final shoutouts?
-“Yeah, we would like to thank the people who have provided us with this chance to fly to Germany (e.g. our sponsors Steelseries and Mith). Furthermore, we would like to thank all our supporters and fans who have followed us throughout the months. Be sure to support us on facebook! We promise you we will do our best.”

MiTH-Tr|pinkle (Manager)
MiTH-Tr|tOyz (Manager)
MiTH-Tr|TnK (Captain)

GosuGamers – Original Article

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