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Nevo’s Ryze talks Gamescom and bootcamp

GosuGamers continues with its pre-Gamescom coverage, this time with the second Danish team, Nevo. We talk to Ryze, the secondary carry player of the team.

Nevo is one of the teams being invited to the “The International”, how does it feel to be able to play with the best teams from all around the world?
-“I can’t describe the feeling, it’s simply wonderful! Being able to compete with the best of the best from Europe, Asia and china is something probably every DotA player is dreaming about and only very few will ever experience. It’s a mixed feeling; I’m scared since no team is a walk-over, but I’m motivated to compete for the 1 million dollar prize money and also excited to be part of what will probably be the most epic tournament of all eSports; a legendary tournament that everyone will remember and look back upon.”

Nevo is the second Danish team to be playing in the international, how does it feel to have two national teams at the event?
-“I’m proud of Denmark! Throughout the history of DotA, Denmark has always had several talented players. It’s great to have two national teams that can practice together and the atmosphere is friendly in the Danish scene. Shoutout to Nordic-Esports.dota, another Danish team that have been performing better and better. NE.LINK|LINK is one of my longtime friends, so good luck to them at ASUS summer!”

So between MYM and Nevo, who do you think is the better danish team?
-“In DotA 1, MYM is currently the number one team in europe, they are a level above OK.Nv.int, Na`Vi, M5, GGnet and us. Their drafting is consistently of a high level and they possess players with magnificent individual skill, especially when they are motivated. Their teamplay is great, both macro and in ganks or teamfights. We have a high potential, this shows when we are motivated and well-prepared. I feel on a good day and with the right picks, we can defeat MYM. Regarding Dota 2, we will have to wait for Gamescom.”

So as we know Nevo had a bootcamp recently, how was the bootcamp? was anything achieved in the bootcamp?
-“We planned to practice Dota 2 for the entire bootcamp but we didn’t recieve it until the later part of the bootcamp. While we waited for Dota 2 we made full use of our time and played a couple of scrims with mostly OSI, MYM, NaVi and SGC and when we couldn’t find opponents we would play 2v2 Legion TD!! I dare anyone to beat us. In the last part of our bootcamp, we practiced Dota 2 like Chinese robots! (that’s a compliment to China).”

With Dota 2 being a new game and such, what was most prioritized during your bootcamp? Strategy or more towards teamplay?
-“Our main focus was to learn the new graphics and animations of heroes, spells and such. Individual skill was secondary and is something we will work in the upcoming weekend, along with perfecting our teamplay and working on our drafting.”

Personally, which country/region do you think will come up on top?
-“I’ve played with several of the Asian teams and they are stronger than expected. M5.G has played extraordinarily in the games I’ve seen, they (M5) might be able to pull off some victories based purely on his performance. 820 played a stunning [can’t reveal hero] despite having lags and delay and 357 played the most stable and smart [secret hero]. His positioning in teamfights are simply perfect and even though he didn’t play extremely aggressively, he didn’t make any mistakes and was always ready to follow-up on an engage by miGGel. He resembles Mania in his way of playing despite playing a different role, all this despite lags and delay. I fear the Chinese teams are stronger than we expected. Time will tell who will stand victorious in the end but I’ll do everything I can to make it a Danish flag! Good luck to my teammates in nevo and Danish friends in MYM + ofc Demon (not mG^Demon).”

What do you think will be the deciding factor that will bring a team on top of the tournament?
-“Teams with the most LAN experience will have the biggest advantage. In-game factors might be something like discovering a new strategy and how fast other teams adjust to this. Luck is no excuse! Luck follows the skilled.”

Which team do you fear the most and why?
-“MUFC. First of all they are extremely underrated and show great teamwork in the games they play. I’m not very familiar with them as well, so their high skill mixed with our minimal knowledge about their play is what I fear. I guess it’s only natural to fear what you do not know and obviously it’s a disadvantage not knowing your opponent.”

With the teams down, which individual player/s are you most afraid off?
-“M5.G, MYM.DeMoN, NaVi.PPY, Mith.Trust Lakelz and MI.Julz.Asus’s Shadow Fiend.”

That’s a wrap. Any final words you’d like to add?
-“I’m extremely excited to be part of this event which might very well be the first real step towards minimizing the difference between eSports and real sporting competitions. Shoutout to my family, friends, fans & haters and to imag & crew. Special mention to my teammates; AngeL, miGGel, syndereN, eatenfish & CuN- and Maelk + MYM boys, LINK|LINK and FFF+MoDi. Shoutout to everyone on RGC who knows me as ‘Trew’! Dota2 > SC2, LoL, HoN, CS, Cod4, etc. In IceFrog we trust.”

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