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Dream Cup kicks off tomorrow

With all the transfers going on in the Chinese scene, a new competition organised by Haitao, Dream Cup, has emerged. Fans looking to see their favorite Chinese teams in action with their new rosters should wait no longer. The opening match between the reformed LGD under ZSMJ and LongDD’s DtHf will start tomorrow, Friday the 12th of August.

Competing Teams
iG (ex-CCM)

The first month of Dream Cup will pit China’s elite teams against each other. Following that, the competition plans to allow tier two teams a chance to compete and join the ranks of these top teams.

Furthermore, Dream Cup is looking for fans’ participation. Each week, fans are invited to vote for the team they would like to see play, and the team which registers the highest number of votes will play against the team registering the lowest number of votes.

The winner walks away with 2,000 RMB ($310) up to a total of 8,000 RMB each month. Each team is only allowed to compete once a month, meaning that we will potentially look forward to seeing all eight teams playing weekly.

With so much happening in the month of August, surely there will be no shortage of DotA action. LGD will debut with their new roster of ZSMJ, xiao8, DDC, xiaoD and DD tomorrow against DtHf. Stay tuned for more information.

*The matches are played on 6.72c and are best out of three. Should the match stretch into three games, the third game will be played on -cmub (unban) mode.

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