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No M5 at ASUS Summer

Premier Russian DotA squad Moscow5 informed prodota.ru, that the team will not attend ASUS Summer. In return, Tenax from Kazakhstan, lead by Ilya ‘Stalcat’ Dorman, declared themselves ready for battle this upcoming weekend.

Reason for the no-show of M5 marks a tricky flight ticket booking situation, according to which Dread, NS and co have to depart from their home city Moscow, which again would require them to travel back to Russia after ASUS Summer ends. As the journey times would overlap and the team would not be able to make it to the airport in time, priorities were set and the cancellation announced. Readers who wonder why Na`Vi and especially Virus are not struck by the same fate, can be given the ‘all-clear’ sign, as both teams anticipatory booked tickets from Kiev to Cologne, hence will make it to both events.

With only three days remaining, the ASUS Summer participants list still lacks four teams. Whoever shows up on Saturday, remains unknown for now. Kazakh team Tenax, formerly seen in the groupstage of Online Kingdom’s Fight for the Throne tournament already announced to take one slot.

Asus Summer Teams
1. TBD
2. NEXT.kz
3. Hard Team
4. Goblin Team
5. GameZone
6. iV`aN DotA *
7. TBD
9. TBD
10. TBD
11. TBD
12. 4GL
13. Virus
15. Natus Vincere
16. Moscow Five

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