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Xiao8 and DDC move to LGD

For better or for worse, iG and Wang Sicong’s move into Chinese E-Sports have brought irreversible changes to the scene marked by ruthless poaching and instability. For the team that originally remained untouched under Wang’s iron fist, it seems now that this is no longer the case. iG loses its members Xiao8 and DDC to LGD, the team led by ZSMJ.

Perhaps, no one saw it coming. Or perhaps, after iG’s defeat to TyLoo at the World Cyber Games finals – something which denied iG’s clean sweep at the WCG given that they had clinched the SC2 and LoL golds already – someone already did.

Unfortunately, their championship title at CPL could not correct the internal strife within the team. Today, xiao8 and DDC have confirmed that they accepted ZSMJ’s invitation and will henceforth play for his team, the reformed LGD. The other two players filling up LGD will be xiaoD from Nirvana.cn and DD from TyLoo.

It looks like iG’s plan for expansion in Chinese E-Sports has come to a temporary halt. They have on their hands big holes to fill with xiao8’s and DDC’s departure, while Nirvana.cn and TyLoo cope with theirs.

A brief consolation for fans remain the fact that the teams involved in this transfer (iG, Nirvana.cn, TyLoo) will continue attending Gamescom with their original rosters.

But what lies ahead for the Chinese DotA scene now? Will we ever reach the light at the end of the tunnel? Sadly, at the moment, it seems our hopes will only be answered in the future.

LGD’s new roster:
ZSMJ (Captain)

GosuGamers – Original Article

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