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KingJ and beNz leave DK

Billed as the Real Madrid of the DotA world, DK has had a terrible six months, plagued by poor performances and dismal standings in many competitions. Many fans of the star-studded have been let down by their supposed lack of team synergy. Now, with the Great Chinese Reshuffle entering its second phase, sparked off by Wang Sicong’s ruthless entry into the DotA scene, DK faces even more problems.

Both beNz and KingJ, poached from LGD and EHOME at the start of the year respectively, have announced their intentions to leave the squad. Maybe the couldn’t handle the pressure anymore, or they were simply sick of their lifestyle, nevertheless, DK’s other member xB has stated that the team will not disband, and new faces will arrive soon to fight along Yueru and BurNing.

Recent developments sees KingJ, part of the legendary EHOME of 2010, join Nv.Cn as a replacement for xiaoD, who parted ways with the club in order to join ZSMJ’s new look LGD side. This was announced on Loveen’s microblog. KingJ himself has not confirmed this news but from Loveen’s tone, it is more or less a done deal.

The Great Chinese Reshuffle is definitely in motion, but many will question its timing. With Gamescom less than ten days away, will any Chinese team come out unscathed and challenge for the one million dollar grand prize?

DK roster:

Nv.Cn roster:

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