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NEXT.kz represent Kazakhstan in ASUS Summer

Kazakh cybercafè chain NEXT concluded steps to bring more money into DotA, picking up the winning team of the national ASUS Summer qualifier and providing them with salary, as well as a budget for upcoming LAN events.

Having only played for two weeks with their current line-up, EQual, Mantis, Bear, RONIN and LuCky can call themselves professional gamers already. The investor’s attention was caught with the successful performances at the Kazakh ASUS Summer qualifier, whose winner obtains a slot for the finals in Kiev to be played this upcoming weekend.

As goodgame.ru reports, the team may make appearances at major tournaments such as ESWC, SMM or WDC. NEXT.kz will debut at ASUS Summer 2011.

NEXT.kz are:
Andrew “eQual” Railyan
Ernar “Mantis” Urazbaev
Egor “BeaR” Vostrov
Vitaliy “RONIN” Khan
Daniyar “LuCky” Kasenbaev

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