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ASUS Summer 2011: Hard Team, Goblin Team and GameZone qualify

KIEV – The Ukrainian ASUS Summer qualifier has ended, with three highly favoured teams acquiring slots for the finals. Although the names Hard Team and Goblin Team don’t ring a bell for even the most avid DotA followers, a look at the rosters brings immediate clarity.

Ex-Na`Vi members Arthur ‘GO[blin]’ Kostenko and Bogdan ‘Axypa’ Boychuk joined forces with former DTS-veteran Alexander ‘DkPhobos’ Kucher and Oleg “Amsi” Rolyan, formerly of TheRetry, to form a Ukrainian powerhouse with the potential to surprise at the upcoming main event. Captained by the eponymous GO[blin], the Goblin Team made use of unconventional heroes such as Shadow Shaman and Tauren Chieftain and reached the grand final through the Lower bracket.

Awaiting them there was the other high-class Hard Team, containing ‘funnik’ and ‘nexius’, known from on and off appearances in The Retry, who became comrades with Ukrainian high level players ‘mag’ and ‘deff’ to achieve lofty goals. Hard Team showed consistent performances at the tournament, drafting the most conventional hero mixtures and executing them in classic fashion.

The final between the Hard and Goblin teams was an even series with countless turnarounds. Hard Team eventually emerged victorious after coming from the winner bracket, but were forced into a second game by GO[blin] and co. GameZone finished in third place after losing the lower bracket final to the Goblin Team, also qualifying for the ASUS Summer main event.

With OSI emerging victorious from the massive online qualifier, the participants list of ASUS Summer has begun to fill and looks as follows, one week before the tournament kicks off:
1. Russia Qualifier: TBD
2. Kazakstan NEXT.kz
3. Ukraine Hard Team
4. Ukraine Goblin Team
5. Ukraine GameZone
6. Ukraine iV`aN DotA *
7. Belarus Qualifier: TBD
8. Russia OSI (ONLINE)
9. TBD
10. TBD
11. TBD
12. Serbia 4GL
13. France Virus
14. Denmark NE.PENTIA
15. Ukraine Natus Vincere
16. Russia Moscow Five

ASUS Summer 2011 will take place at the 13th and 14th of August at the Cybersport arena in Kiev.

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