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TyLoo claims the WCG title over iG

After a nailbiting struggle that lasted more than 60 minutes, TyLoo made a desperate push for the World Tree and came too close when it fell. The team takes home the grand prize of 20,000 RMB and a chance to defend their World Cyber Games Championship title next year.

In the bronze medal match, DK won over OK.Nirvana.cn and hence place third in the tournament. The best of one Grand Final was played on map 6.72c.

iG took early game advantage with Zhou getting first blood on Vengeful Spirit during a five-man smoke gank in Scourge’s forest before minute 0. However, TyLoo quickly came back into the game with some good ganks by Shadow Demon after he got level six. With some mistimed hooks from Xiao8, TyLoo emerged the victor in a couple of mid game teamfights and managed to take down Roshan twice.

But iG was not about to give up. Even after losing middle rax, a couple of buybacks from Zhou always made sure that the team got the upperhand in the end. With two ghost scepters on Beastmaster and Clockwerk, iG stifled Lycanthrope’s presence in every teamfight.

The break only came when Nerubian Weaver completed a Guinsoo’s Scythe of Vise, effectively allowing the team to take out Vengeful Spirit’s target of swap before he could use his Ghost Scepter or otherwise. TyLoo was getting richer by the minute and by the 65th minute, they stormed the iG’s base and went for the World Tree, which by then had lost its outer defending towers.

In a close fight, with Zhou still yet to revive, Nerubian Weaver landed the final hit on the World Tree with barely 200 hitpoints and a bounce of Lich’s chain frost barely milliseconds away from hitting him.

TyLoo shot from their seats and turned to embrace their teammate DD who had just sealed their fate. They were now the champions of World Cyber Games China.

With this major offline tournament finally coming to a close, the next on the list for both finalist teams would be DotA 2’s The International at Gamescom in Germany. Already, we have seen many European teams bootcamping for this tournament, and it is only in high spirits where we close this chapter and anticipate the next tournament which is just around the corner.

GosuGamers – Original Article

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