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Garena Auto Joiner – hbm Garena Room Joiner

Garena Auto Joiner is a small program designed for Garena that allows you to enter in full game rooms without any 5 seconds delay or hassle. It automatically joins the room whenever a player slot is available, Garena doesn’t need to be focused, you can do other work while GAJ joins the room for you!

Garena Auto-Joiner Download:

Auto-Joiner.zip (mirror 1)

Update: Use the updater that comes with this program, if it gets detected by Garena.


– Download Auto-Joiner.zip from the link above.
– Extract the files anywhere
– Run “Auto-Joiner.exe”, select your preferred language.
– Now go to Garena, Select your desired room and press, “F8”.
– Garena Auto-Joiner will start joining that room, you can do other task in meanwhile.
– When the room is joined, you will hear a notification sound.


• Auto-Join single or multiple rooms
• Supports 19 languages
• Automatically run other programs (optional).
• Auto-update
• Slow motion (5s auto try delay) mode for other Garena versions.
• Supports Normal Garena & Messenger

– Use this program at your own risk.
– All credits goes to hieubm (autogg.net) for this program.

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