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YYF speaks up about LGD and his move to iG

The ongoing LGD saga continues from where we left off – ch, 830, Chuan and YYF have already left the team and ZSMJ behind to join Invictus Gaming (iG). With all that has happened, the four players initially seemed more than happy to stay mute regarding the issue. Today, however, YYF has finally decided to break the silence.

After news of the apparent ‘poaching’ broke out, iG manager Wang Sicong announced that he did not extend the invitation to ZSMJ. Fans were already starting to speculate the reasons behind why ZSMJ was left behind.

In this article, YYF expresses his hopes that the public would be more forgiving and understanding about the issue, the guilt he feels over leaving LGD, and his best wishes for his buddy ZSMJ in the future.

“Hi everybody, I am YYF. I ran into many friends and fans these past few days. They approached me online seeking to understand why I chose to leave LGD. Well, a professional career in E-Sports might look like a lengthy and promising endeavor. Sadly, that is not the case, and the choice I made has implications on what I actually want to do with my life.

Ever since I joined LGD at the start of 2010, I have been playing professionally for about one and a half years now. From the initial integration and “understanding-each-other” stage up till competing with the team at competitions, it has been an arduous journey.

Now that news of this roster change and disbanding has entered the public domain, I do hope you guys will be forgiving and understanding about this issue.

ZSMJ is a pretty cool guy. Since I joined the team, playing and living with him has been an amicable experience. Previously, I also received an offer to leave the team for a ‘change of environment’, but because I am not typically the guy who likes to keep bouncing in between teams, and pehaps also because of my affection for LGD, I rejected the offer.

But you must understand that a professional gaming career is a tough road to walk – you also have to face the pressures of life and your family, and always have in mind a plan for your future. The minute Chuan joined LGD, our motto was as simple as this – give it your best.

The team has made it through so much, from the days when we were losing in competitions to slowly but eventually solidifying our roles. I guess now we have some accomplishments to show for it.

When iG approached us, I sincerely wanted to continue playing with the same four people, and I tried my best to make that happen – I guess the outcome was just beyond our control.

I spoke to ZSMJ after that, and similar to what I told Tencent, I told him that I planned to stay in E-Sports and further my professional career. I suppose he had his own dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. Hence, we were now stuck at the proverbial ‘fork in the road’ – I chose to leave, and so did he, but he wished me all the best.

I would like to thank all the fans who have supported us all the way, even at times when we were crashing out in competitions. I am grateful for all that you guys have done, and unfortunately LGD’s dissolution could not have come at a better time. You guys are truly my friends.

LGD’s boss Star has also treated us well, and I somehow feel like I have let him down by leaving. My feelings for LGD remain, and I offer ZSMJ my sincerest wishes. I will never forget the times we spent together, for we each left our unique legacy behind in LGD. Thank you LGD, and I am looking forward to earning the public’s support in all that we choose to do.”

A sad ending to a happy friendship. With so much ahead for YYF and his team, let us wish him all the best in his future endeavors, whatever shape or form they may take. Since his early days in LGD, YYF has morphed into one of the strongest solo-mids in the game. At least for the remaining months of the year, his future looks bright – and ‘thank you LGD’ indeed.

GosuGamers – Original Article

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