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DotA Heroes Quotes (Scourage Heroes)

Scourge Heroes

MEDUSA, Gorgon:
“Is it time?”
“I grow anxious to act.”
“Our will shall be done.”
“I will not be trifled with.”
“Time is short, mortal.”
“Soon, we will reclaim the surface world, and take vengeance upon the night elves.”
“Illidan will show us the path to power.”
“Keep tripping over this, damn tail.”
“Damned sea water, I’ll never get these coils out of my hair.”
“Its far too bright in this surface world, and this fresh air is irritating my eyes.”
“I stand ready.”
“By your command.”
“In Azshara’s name.””
For the empress”
“For Nashatar.”
“Taste my sting.”
“Athero bath trenas!” (I’m quite uncertain about this speech.)

BALANAR, Night Stalker:
“How will this benefit me?”
“Don’t waste my time.”
“You have an idea?”
“You call on me?”
“I await your counsel.”
“I love it when a plan comes together.”
“Sorry, I don’t do interviews.”
“We’re not a cult, so much as a deniable group of fanatical blade-weilding zealots.”
“I’ll take a huge, juicy, bloody bite out of … what were we talking about?”
“I’m always on the winning side.”
“Join me, or die.”
“Dont worry about the fine print, the soul consumption clause is never excercised.”
” *torture* “And that concludes our demonstration, any questions?”
“I have returned.”
“I’ll do what I must.”
“Stay out of my way.
“By any means neccesary.”
“Wake up, time to die.”
“None can oppose me.”
“This one is mine.”
“Vanquish the weak.”
“For the Nathrezim!”

ANUB’ARAK, Nerubian Assasin:
“I have heard the summons”
“I serve only the frozen throne”
“The scourge will devour all”
“The strands of destiny weave only a web of death”
“It was good to be the king”
“Humans check in, they dont check out”
“And they say, blizzard games dont have bugs”
“My might cannot be matched”
“I’m the fifth beatle”
“Time is fleeting”
“I’ll consume the living and the dead”
“I’ll see to it”
“By Nerub”
“Oblivion awaits”
“Feel the venom of Nerub”
“From the depths, I come”

SLARDAR, Slithereen Gaurd:
“Our tide is rising”
“In the depths, no one can hear you scream, well they can but its really muffled”
“I think I have swimmers ear”
“This world will be mine, and I’ll start with the swimming pools”
“Enable my revenge”
“Spare the pleasentries”
“Aid us in our plight”
“No sink shall be safe from world domination”
“Why have I surfaced”
“Convince me”
“Ice tea is part of a two prone offensive”
“Our alliance binds me”
“I’ll make it so”
“This out to tide you over”
“Land born scum”

AKASHA, Queen of Pain:
“How ya doin”
“Turn me lose”
“Dont be shy”
“Do you work out”
“Oh thats naughty”
“We could talk more in the champaigne room”
“Sorry, time is up”
“I wont bite”
“Wanna buy me a drink”
“Anything for you”
“Oh thats good”
“I dont usually do this”
“Your in control”
“Take your punishment”
“Die smiling”
“Get a load of these”

DARKTERROR, Faceless Void:
“How can this old one help””
How may I aid you”
“Our blood shall mingle on the battlefield”
“I remember when the ale was strong and the wenches were fresh”
“I can fight just like a … *snore* ”
“Its cold, and there are wolves after me”
“Btter hurry before I die”
“Who is that guy with the sickle, why is he beckoning, and why is my grandfather with him”
“I’m too old for this”
“My strength is yours”
“My ancestors call”
“We shall share our ways”
“I will do what I can”
“I will try”
“If it must be done”
“I’ll do my best””
I am needed once again”
“For Drenor”
“Blood for blood”
“For victory”
“I pledge my loyalty”

VIPER, Netherdrake:
“Why should I”
“Is it safe”
“When shall I strike”
“After 10,000 years, our revenge is at hand”
“I think I just slithered in something”
“Its kind of cold in … *snore* ”
“My next plan for world domination is … *snore*, my hair”
“Direct my wrath”
“Yes, surface dweller”
“I can smell, with my tongue”
“I will honor our pact”
“As you wish”
“Our alliance binds me”
“Death to the surface dwellers”
“With venom”
“I will strike”
“From the murky depths, I come”

RAZOR, Lightning Revenant:
“The dead shall serve”
“What does the shadow will”
“This better be good”
“Every man lives, not every man truly dies”
“I love the dead, frequently”
“I see undead people”
“Do you smell something…just troops”
“Right click, for hot undead action”
“The restless dead await”
“As the shadow wills”
“Let darkness guide me”
“For the Lich king”
“Tremble before the scourge”
“None shall survive”
“The shadows beckon”

“I grow impatient”
“Are there demons nearby”
“I have been caged in darkness”
“My soul longs for vengeance”
“I have been alone for 10,000 years”
“My brother will pay dearly for his betrayal”
“None of them know my true power”
“I see, absolutely nothing”
“Wings, horns, hooves, what are we saying, is this Diablo”
“I’m blind, not deaf”
” *jibberish*, its a universal greeting”
“Is that all”
“Hardly a challenge”
“Evil draws close”
“Die fool”
“Vengeance is mine”
“You’ll regret approaching me”
“Evil draws close”

“Take heart young one”
“My old bones ache”
“A storm is coming”
“Will these troubles never cease”
“The young warchief is burdened”
“My tribe is proud and strong”
“I pray this old body does not fail me”
“The earth mother smiles upon us”
“The earth mother is near”
“Attack””For honor”
“Stand and fight”

“Is there something amiss”
“My talents are yours”
“You called”
“The cult of the damned…I need to print more brochures”
“I always wanted to start my own religion, so I did”
“I will await my eternal reward”
“50,000 gold a year in child care and they call it a cult”
“I’ve been thinking”
” *struggle* this horn thing on my head is killing me”
“That sounds logical”
“A fateful choice”
“Yes, right away”
“Taste this”
“In the Lich King’s name”

KROBELUS, Death Prophet:
“You brought me back'”Hi”
“You call to me”
“Let this torment end”
“How long must I suffer”
“I hate you, I hate you…call me”
“What must I do”
“U.n.d.e.a.d. find out what it means to me”
“Why have I been summoned”
“I must obey”
“If it pleases you”
“If that is your wish”
“Feel my pain””Die””Your soul shall burn”
“Let my cries chill the living”

LION, Demon Witch:
“Thy bidding”
“Yours to command”
“Could you chew that up for me””I’m so poor, I dont even have calcium deposits”
“I am the ghost of warcraft past”
“You should see the skeletons in my closet”
“You are the weekest link, goodbye”
“Direct me”
“I am sworn to Ner’zhul”
“So be it”
“By your word”
“It is destined”
“Dead man walking”
“Embrace the cold”
“I will crush you”
“Embrace the end”
“The ancient evil survives”

NESSAJ, Chaos Knight:
“Ready for battle”
“Command me”
“What is your will”
“Do you want to hear a joke”
“Sorry, I got nothing”
“Good one”
“For the horde”
“The ground shall run red with blood”
“Lets ride”
“Death to all who oppose the horde”

MORTRED, Phantom Assasin:
“Have you reached a verdict”
“I shall be your executioner”
“Justice may be blind, but I’m not”
“Truth, justice, and the night elf way”
“You think your above the law”
“What we have here, is a failure to communicate”
“I hold you in contempt”
“He is no good to me if he is dead”
“I am the iron hand of justice”
“Only the guilty need fear me”
“Let me investigate”
“Justice shall be swift”
“Let the hunt begin”
“I can taste their fear”
“Let justice be served”
“They shall not escape”
“I am the law”
“My prey is near”

PUGNA, Oblivion:
“My sight is yours”
“What needs revealing”
“I am but a shadow of my former self”
“What I do in death, echos in eternity”
“Death is its own reward”
“I’m having a mid-death crisis”
“I aint got no body”
“I’m invisible, gaseous, and deadly”
“I shall be your eyes”
“Lets see”
“I’ll look into it”
“All shall be revealed”
“I go unseen”
“Die””Feel my wrath”
“For the master”
“More souls for the master”
“The damned return”

The list to be completed… please help me if you can…
I will add every single heroes to the list…

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